Wednesday, 28 January 2015

a poem, in the loosest terms

So here I have a poem created from my tweets (as much as one can write poetry when emojis and re-tweets are used more often as not).
This website, which I found by via the i100 twitter account, takes your tweets and creates some rather cute/silly little love poems. You can chose which style of poem you would like and it whips it up for you reasonably quickly (though it took me three attempts to get it to load fast). 
I wanted to share one of the poems that (apparently) my tweeting habits generates basically because its just some silly fun, and I was hoping to result in some epic poem that perfectly summed up my life of knitting and gaming - it wasn't too far off in fairness I think.
I am particularly pleased that my desire to knit a Weasley jumper (seriously this is my number one knitting dream) made it to the first stanza, but the fact that the first line is MERR GERRD - KERRNGDERRM HEEERS in particular fills me with joy as I have been logging many an hour into Kingdom Hearts 2.5 since Christmas. 
And the line 'Babe I'm already pinning yo pins!' is surely worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet?
Please if you are a tweeter have your own poem made! Follow this link and share some poetry below, on Twitter or Facebook! It's just so silly and fun