Wednesday, 21 January 2015

pom pom garland

Last week I finally finished stringing together a very simple pom pom garland which I had (ashamedly) begun on Christmas day, employing my sister to help me make a dozen white pom poms using my rather fancy Clover pom pom makers, while watching various Christmas films. And then of course the pom poms sat in a gift bag for a little under a month until I finally decided to finish what I started!
clover pom pom makers - I actually bought mine from Hobbycraft
I had in mind to make a white pom pom garland (no doubt at the time inspired by all the snow on Christmas TV shows and films) but sitting in my room I knew just white pom poms wouldn't look as good as I would hope as an all year round decoration. So for good measure I made some different coloured ones of varied sizes, bringing my pom pom total to 25.

25 pom poms fill about 2 metres of yarn very comfortably to make a simple strung garland. I initially tried to string the pom poms onto a length of standard shop bought string from Wilkinson's, however I found it was too thick and pulled out the middle of 4 of my pom poms before I declared that exercise a disaster and switched to plain white yarn. Luckily even without their centres the pom poms still hold their shape.

I'm very pleased with how the garland has turned out, and although it is a very simple one it looks very nice strung up above my bed! Inspired by this success I hope to explore more pom pom crafts and actually make some more (rather than just pin on pinterest all the pretty ones I can find) and I anticipate that when me and B move out in the future there will be many a pom pom round our house!

Also, how many times is it really acceptable to type 'pom pom' in a blog post - anyone else feeling a little pom pom dizzy?


  1. Pretty! I keep meaning to make one of these. After sorting all my yarn out last night I know I've got plenty to spare! :)

  2. Aren't pom pom makers one of the best crafty inventions ever? I have a set of four and adore them. Your garland is lovely, looking forward to future pom pom creations!

  3. Woollen Wilderness23 January 2015 at 19:08

    I might need a pompom maker in my life.. No wait, I definitely need a pompom maker in my life! A pompom garland would probably be a good idea to cheer up my boring office.

  4. I so badly want a pom pom maker, imagine the never ending bunting I could make?! And every one's clothes with have pom poms all round the edges! They are just so much fun x

  5. CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! It looks really nice hanging up on the wall :)


  6. oh thanks! I want to make more and put them everywhere - they brighten up my room no end, jenny xx

  7. the bunting would just be beautiful :D oh doo get one they are well priced - think about a fiver for 2? jenny xx