Saturday, 10 January 2015

the treasures you can find

Ask anyone that has visited my house and they will tell you that it has the tendency to be a veritable treasure trove. I could pretty safely state that at least 65% of my craft supplies have simply been found in this house which can mostly be put down to how much my mum loved to craft. Normally as I find so many exciting things in this house I wouldn't necessarily share them with you, but this week I stumbled across two really interesting (or at least I think so!) historical pieces of craft literature that I've been looking at so much I thought it only made sense to tell someone else about it (B can only politely look at them so many times hehe)

Knitting For All Illustrated Practical Knitted Garments for all the family - Making, Renovating, and Repairing (Margaret Murray and Jane Koster: Odhams Press Ltd)
I love old books, and old knitting books are so exciting and interesting! This book was just sitting on a bookshelf in our living room - I am fairly certain books breed in our house. I find it so fascinating to see how knitting patterns have changed over time, plus the way people modelled old knitting patterns are quite cringe in a way that makes me giggle. 
I mean come on, just read this caption for a man's sleeveless pull over! Absolutely wonderful, and this book is full of wonderful image captions (the best can be found on the male models) as well as a multitude of patterns! When they say all the family they mean it - there is a section on mittens in 5 different sizes, baby clothes, men's and women's clothes (including underwear - UNDERWEAR!), kids clothes, and more!
I really fancy trying out some of the old patterns in the book, and in the meantime it is a beautifully old fashioned book perfect for mindlessly flicking through! Although there is no published date in the book there is a written dedication dated 23-3-43 on the inside cover (I couldn't snap a picture because of the old fashioned red print) so I will make sure to take good care of this book. 

The second thing I found this week was some old sketches of mum's from when she started to design her own miniature teddy bear patterns. Looking at other people's sketches and patterns/designs in early stages are another thing that I find fascinating. You can identify the pencil strokes, mistakes, pauses and thoughts all from looking closely at the drawings, and what makes it particularly more special is that of course these were some of my mums original designs. Although I am not a miniature sewer like she was, I have carefully saved these drawings in my blog folder (and will probably make some scans too) and I really want to develop the teddy with the over sized head (image directly above) into some sort of crochet pattern - it looks like it will transfer into one and will be extra adorable! What do you think?


  1. Ooh that's a great idea about making a crochet pattern from the sketches, I'd love to see that! Also, knitted underwear?! No chance! :)

    1. I'm glad, I hope they will turn out well and do the sketches justice :) i know right!! I sweat there is knitted lingerie in there.... eek! jenny xx

  2. Great finds, that book looks fantastic! And I think the teddy designs would transfer greatly into a crochet design, I would definitely give it a try.

  3. thanks I definitely will be doing :) I really can't wait to make something from the book too! I just wish there weren't so many things that I want to make! jenny xx