Saturday, 28 February 2015

february crafting - update

I now have a monthly routine of setting myself targets for my knitting, crochet, and blog. This is the end of the second month and I must say structuring my crafting this way is definitely something I will keep up. 
At the beginning of February I gave myself 2 tasks to complete, and I am over the moon to say that I have completed these and more!
Completed - get that Moogle pattern written!

Based on the Christmas decoration I designed in December, I have successfully designed and written a pattern for the full moogle! He is designed after moogles found in the Kingdom Hearts games, but you can find them in every Final Fantasy game out there and I love them as character. They translate so well as amigurumi as well don't you think?.
I'm really pleased with how he turned out - better than I could have imagined - and I am excited to share the completed pattern with you next week. I would have done so a few days ago, but having already published two more patterns this month I wanted to save this one for March.
Completed - design, and write a pattern for, a knitted minion phone cover

Ever since I made some minion gloves for an order I've had a very distinct idea in my mind of how I would design a knitted phone cover, using the multitude of yarn I had left over. I ended up working out the tension and the main piece of the case during 2 long train journeys early in the month, and had a lot of fun perfecting the eyes and adding a little optional pocket to the minion's dungarees to give it that little extra something. Making something so bright and happy was certainly a highlight for me this month!
You can find the free knitting pattern for the minion phone cover on my blog, and you can save the Ravelry pattern page in your library for later (please note there are some crocheted elements to this pattern). I also have 2 covers, suitable for an iPhone 4/4s, available to buy in my Etsy store as a result of practising the pattern. 
BONUS - a crochet Pikachu phone cover pattern 

This was a bonus accomplishment this month which, to be honest, I had not planned on doing in the slightest! I had designed this pattern and taken many pictures back in May 2014, but not long after my then laptop gave out and I thought I lost all my hard work. So I didn't really fancy looking again. But earlier this month Charlotte asked if I was still planning on sharing this pattern as she was keen to make it, and searching my hard drive revealed I only lost half my work! So using my notes I finally got this pattern up on the blog! Feeling a little smug about getting this one done as well!
You can find the free crochet pattern on my blog, and you can save the Ravelry pattern page to your library for later (please note there are sewing elements to this pattern). 
I also completed my jumper this month, but have decided I'm not that happy with it, so I'm going to unravel it and I cast on a new jumper last night. I feel excited about this though and I definitely seem to have my mojo back this month! I really feel I got lots of good and fun stuff done this month and only hope this carries on!
Did you make anything fun/something you're proud of this month?


  1. Before today I didn't know what a moogle is, but I love it. It came out really well.

  2. Thanks Jessica :) I'm really pleased with how he came together! jenny xx

  3. hehe I think the scope of people who know what a moogle is, is quite slim. But I like them and I'm happy that my amigurumi made you love it! Must be a good sign :) jenny xx