Tuesday, 17 February 2015

fo: double cable pullover

Do you remember at the beginning of January I set myself the goal of knitting a jumper that would fit? I didn't quite manage this by the time February rolled round, but last week I cast off the jumper and sewed it all up! 
Unfortunately I still didn't quite manage my goal...

Pattern - JB 130 - Double Cable Pullover (I used the pattern as published in issue 86 of Let's Knit magazine, November 2014)

You can also read about this jumper on my Ravelry project page. 
The pattern recommends 5mm and 6mm needles but when sorting my gauge I needed 5.5mm and 6.5mm as my knitting is very tight. I usually need 0.5mm larger and sometimes I forget this, good thing I checked my gauge thoroughly as I really REALLY wanted this to be the first jumper that fitted me. I was concerened about the sizing though as I am usually a ladies 10-12 if there is a choice and the choices for me were between 8-10 and 10-12. Upon B's grandma's recommendation I chose the smaller size but added an extra stitch at either end of the front and back panels to make sure it wasn't too tight.

The good points about this project first! I absolutely adore the colours and the self-striping pattern. James C. Brett yarn is wonderful to work with and I will definitely be purchasing it again. I really like the rolled neckband and after pulling it over my head just a couple of times it relaxed to a very comfortable shape.
The pattern was very easy to follow as well, and once I had finished it everyone was very pleased with how it turned out and B even said it was the best thing I'd knitted yet.

taking selfies before work in the morning sunshine
And now for the niggly parts of this project. My main problem with the finished jumper is the length. It isn't long enough for a regular jumper and it might have just got away with being a 3/4 length pull over but it is a tad too long for that. So with trousers, dresses, skirts and shorts it doesn't quite sit/look right on me. I just about got away with it in the picture of me in the forest but I was very self concious wearing it. I just kept trying to pull it down. 

The sleeve length is too short as well. Perhaps this is down to me as a knitter but I'm so certain that I followed the pattern and lengths suggested down to a tee. With more experience under my belt I might be able to identify when things are too short before they are finished, but I'm not at this stage yet and I'm quite disheartened. And I need to have more confidence in the patten sizes as the extra stitches were unnecessary and also affected the fit of the jumper in a negative way. 

When I finished it my dad, my sister, her friends, and B were all very impressed with it and said the length wasn't an issue. I myself was also hopeful that I would get over the issues I have with it and learn to love it.

But if you need to learn to love something I think it's not meant to be. Worry about this jumper has been hanging over me over the last week and bothering me a lot more than it should do! So I cheered up a lot last night when I made the decision that I will rip this out and knit a new jumper. I though about trying this pattern again but longer but I would like a fresh start and have been scoping out some patterns on Ravelry, which I will share with you in a few days and get your opinions :)

So all in all I would certainly recommend this pattern if you would like to knit a straightforward cable jumper, but watch out for the length! And I'm feeling good - practice is practice after all, and the yarn will not go to waste :)


  1. I think it looks great, but I totally know what you mean about feeling when something isn't quite right. Maybe there's a way you could add to the ribbing on the sleeves and body? The colours are gorgeous though, it would look pretty as any sweater :)

  2. Woollen Wilderness20 February 2015 at 20:38

    What a shame you decided to rip it, it is a very lovely sweater. But you're right in saying that if you need to learn to love something it probably isn't meant to be. Was there not less dramatic option like still adding some length to the sleeves and body? Anyway, the yarn will make a lovely new sweater as well.

  3. I though about that but decided that it wouldn't look like a balanced jumper then and I probably still wouldn't wear it! I never really get upset when I decide to unravel something though because it just means I get to start knitting again :D they are gorgeous colours and will still be put to good use jenny xx

  4. yeah it is a shame but I always look on the bright side - more knitting :) I really did consider long and hard about adding legnth, but its worked bottom up so thats a lot of un picking and unraveling, and I did look at a tutorial for inserting lenght the other end between the ribbing and main piece but the amount of work to do that on something I've already decided I don't love wouldn't feel quite worth it. so instead start a fresh with a smile :) jenny xx

  5. Woollen Wilderness22 February 2015 at 17:59

    I didn't know it was bottom up, in that case I would have made the same decision. It would be so much of a bother. Good luck with the new sweater :)