Sunday, 22 February 2015

pikachu phone cover - free crochet pattern

This pattern was a long time coming as it was last May that I was working on it to share with you. Basically it took me a long time to find yarn that I was happy with, a while to design the face in a way that didn't look creepy, and then when I did start typing it my old laptop finally gave out after 5 years of service and with all the stress leading up to that point I kinda rage quit ...
But thanks to some gently prodding from Charlotte (thank you!) and feeling inspired by the roll I'm on recently blog-wise I would like to finally share a crochet pattern for my Pikachu phone cover! The instructions below are designed to fit an iPhone 4/4s or other similarly sized phone. If you would like to make it larger simply chain more in the beginning (to make wider) and/or crochet more rounds (to make longer). Please note this will NOT protect your phone if dropped from a height!


4mm crochet hook 
Aran weight yarn in yellow (I used Vanna’s Choice - Lion Brand in Mustard 158
Aran weight yarn in black
Tapestry needle  
Felt in the following colours; red, black, pale brown, dark red, pink 
Fabric glue (I used tacky glue)
Needle and embroidery thread to match felt colours, plus white thread
Cardboard cut to the dimensions of your phone
Note this pattern is written using US crochet terms
Note the face features for Pikachu are all make from small pieces of felt so you will need some confidence when it comes to hand sewing!
with yellow yarn  
Round 1 - chain 21 and sl st into your first chain; this creates the first round and is the top of the case which should fit snugly round your phone. You can test this on your cardboard cut out
Rounds 2-27 - sc in each round (21) 
To finish the bottom - press sides flat with working yarn on the right edge; sc through both layers along the bottom edge (approx 9 sc) to close the gap (see pictures below)
Fasten off and weave in ends
1) flatten piece to create 2 flat edges, with working yarn on the right
2) sc through both edges of piece
3) this will close the bottom securely
position the ears
EARS (make 2)

with black yarn

Round 1 - 4sc in magic ring (4)
Round 2 - sc round (4)
Round 3 - *2sc in each* round (8)
Round 4 - sc round (8)

change to yellow yarn
sew just inside the back lip of the cover

Rounds 5-10 - sc round (8)
Round 11 - *sc2tog* round (4)

Bind off leaving a tail to sew to the phone cover

Using the picture as a guide sew the ears into position just inside the back lip of the phone case

Note ensure you now have your cardboard in the cover to stretch it to the correct proportions and to prevent you from sewing through both sides. We will also be using glue in the next section so be sure to leave the cardboard in throughout!

Now for the tricky part - cutting, sticking and sewing the features!


Using the light brown felt cut out 2 long ovals with slightly pointed tips (using the picture to the left as a guide).

Glue the stripes into position on the back of the phone cover. Once the glue is dry sew into place with whip stitch and matching thread.



Cut two small circles from black felt for Pikachu's eyes. Using white embroidery thread sew his pupils as pictured.

Cut two small circles from red felt for Pikachu's cheeks.

Cut Pikachu's mouth and tongue from the dark red and pink felt using the picture as a guide.

Position the face features on the front of the phone cover, using the picture as a guide and leaving a gap for the nose. Glue into position. Once the glue is dry secure the features using the correct colour thread and whip stitch.

Finally embroider a small nose for Pikachu using black embroidery thread and the picture at the top of this post as a guide.

Et voilà you have finished your Pikachu phone cover! I really hope you have fun making it, and please be sure to share pictures with me here, on the Ravelry project page, or over on Instagram!

This pattern is for personal use only, please do not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not republish this pattern as your own/without permission.


  1. Ah this is so cute!! Definitely something I could attempt for sure. Would make a good pressie for my pokemon obsessed friends! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jenny this is so cute!! I wish I had your skills ;)


  3. yeah! Pokémon obsessed friends are clearly the best sorts of friends :p If you do make it please please show me a pic?? :) jenny xx