Tuesday, 24 February 2015

some ideas for a new jumper

A few days ago I decided that I was going to rip out the jumper that I recently finished knitting as I just wasn't happy with it and I really want to make something that I will love to wear. I've decided not to reknit the pattern (even though I would recommend it) because I want a fresh start and here are some ideas for a new jumper!
(c) Ram Wools Yarn Co-op from Ravelry
I spotted this pattern on Pinterest and fell in love immediately! Elise also sent me a message saying she had already knitted it which encourages me even more that I want to make this! However I don't think my gauge will match up with the yarn I will have when I rip the current jumper out and the jumper looks like it will look better as a single colour as opposed to a multicoloured one. So this is in my library as a future knit!

(c) James C. Brett, 2013 from Ravelry
Pattern - JB162 Sweater
I adore the simplicity of this look and the way the yarn works with that. A stockinette stitch jumper will suit my yarn much more than cabling I really think. This pattern unfortunately is knitted to DK yarn and mine is closer to Aran weight. It is also quite fitted and I think I really want to make a slouchy knit jumper which must be easier to make look good? Also I love baggier jumpers - particularly ones you can snuggle and cuddle in to!

(c) PiPiBird from Ravelry
I love the relaxed way this looks on the models, and all of the project pictures on Ravelry look excellent. Plus it has 1453 projects linked to it so it seems to be a winner! My only concern is the pattern itself - there are a lot of aspects that I don't understand (I had to google 'yoke') and it isn't written row by row. However with some studying already I think I can manage it, and I plan to study the pattern and project notes VERY carefully before I start. My gauge should match up to make a slightly warmer jumper and I might knit a size too large, but that might be dangerous... 

So I am pretty set on choice number 3! Which is your favourite jumper?


  1. I just knit a baby cardigan that started with doing the yoke (ie the whole top section) and though I knew about yokes from dressmaking at college it took me ages to work out what I was actually making! I loved doing that method though since it felt really quick. I love the third one, although I think the cable one would look nice in multi colours :)

  2. I think they are all nice, but I think my favorite one is #2 :D Good luck!


  3. Those are all great choices, but I might just have to add number 1 to my queue! Looks like the perfect slouchy sweater to curl up and watch Netflix in :)

  4. ah thanks for the tip Elise - I figure I will start the pattern and just muddle through :p youtubing as I go most likely :) I agree I think the cable would look good with the colours, but I don't have the correct guage and I really need to not buy any more wool until at least next Christmas :p jenny xx

  5. I like number two as well and I think the colours work really well! :) jenny xx

  6. I totally agree I will most definitely have to make number one one day - knit it while watching Netflix, and then watch Netflix wearing it - perfect cycle :) jenny xx

  7. Woollen Wilderness25 February 2015 at 21:21

    I'm leaning towards the second pattern, mainly because I think it would work really well with the yarn you have. But all 3 are lovely, so you can't really go wrong in your pattern choice :)

  8. yeah that's what I though, but unfortunately my guage isn't quite right and I reallllyy want to nail it this time :D they are all rather nice at least, got to love ravelry :) jenny xx

  9. They are all great, you can't go wrong with any of them! But I think my fave is #1.