Sunday, 15 February 2015

what i have been up to

  • I've designed the minion phone cover! Just to spend some time getting better pictures and typing the pattern now
  • I've been worrying about what I want to do career wise, having found nothing much with job hunting and having had fruitless meetings with a recruitment agency
  • I've been stressed about always running out of time with all the crafting and blogging I want to do but haven't managed to
  • I'm trying to not fixate on that but instead enjoy what I manage to achieve
  • I did finish knitting my jumper! It looks good but is very short - I will share it with you soon
  • I've been playing a lot of video games and watching a load of Attack on Titan/Yu-Gi-Oh/Brooklyn 99
In sum I'm trying to find a good balance which we all struggle with from time to time, but I figure as long as I stay optimistic and spend time doing what I love what more can I do? :)
What have you been up to? 


  1. Sounds like you're a busy bee. Job hunting is pretty hard going, hope you can snag something that works for you soon. Celebrate your achievements and enjoy your downtime. P.s I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award
    I love seeing what you've been making :)

  2. I can definitely relate to this. I'd like to get a job to do with my degree but I'm still too ill to properly do something with it. On the plus side my department has been moved round and I get to sit in a corner and crochet in between calls. Hope you find something you love soon xx

  3. Aw the minion is so cute! Job hunting is a pain, it is just a waiting and applying game I think but I hope it goess well for you!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I'm also trying to find a good balance... I just started a new job and so blogging is kind of stressing me out. >_< the wifi was down today and I spent a few hours just playing video games and it was great! I need to remember to stop focusing so much of my time on my blog and remember to do other fun stuff!! ;) I love your minion phone cover!


  5. thanks Rebecca - I do feel a busy bee but I cheered up a lot from just writing the post and sharing it :) thanks for wishing me luck, and thank you for the nomination I'm very touched :D I hope I can keep making you happy with the things I make :) jenny xx

  6. aw I'm sorry to hear that Charlotte, I hope you feel better and can find something you want to do soon (and I hope that for me too). Oh nice crochet time is always a plus!! jenny xx

  7. thanks Jasmin! :) it IS a pain isn't it?! but its a game everyone has to play, oh well! jenny xx

  8. gosh good luck with your new job! and don't let blogging stress you out! whenever I feel that way I take a break because blogging needs to not be stressful ever! I hope we both find our balance soon :) YES hours spent on video games are very important, I'm hoping to do that later myself with a hot chocolate :) and thanks! jenny xx