Wednesday, 25 March 2015

can i call myself a superfan?

Yes, I think I would like to do that if you don't mind.

On Monday (23rd March) BBC3 aired an excellent show, Tom Felton Meets the Superfans. It was just terrific. Written and directed by Tom Felton, he was inspired by a super fan of his own (Tina) who would find out where Tom would be making an appearance (press, parties, premieres) and for 7 years would spend her time waiting in line for hours just for a new photo and autograph from Tom. She was never aggressive, never pushing, and didn't sell her keepsakes. She was just a super fan.

I consider myself a 'super fan' in my own right of many many things, and this is the beauty of being a super fan: it all fits to the type of person you are and the fandom you belong to. I say super fan rather than just fan because I don't just love my interests; where possible I embrace them and lose myself in their worlds, empathising and feeling the stories.

Daniel Radcliffe discussing obsession with Tom - image source Tumblr
Among other visits and interviews Tom went to MCM Comic Con in Birmingham of November last year in order to experience what all sorts of super fans and cosplayers love to experience. And he found out what I found out when I went to my first Comic Con last year. The feeling of comradery and excitement of dressing up as your favourite characters, admiring everyone's efforts and asking/being asked to snap pictures. Everyone feels happy and excited and just a little bit famous. Its such a wonderful community to feel a part of. 

I like to think of myself of a super fan of lots of things. Harry Potter of course since I was 7 or 8 having read the first book countless times in primary school. For my 9th or 10th birthday I had a 100% Harry Potter themed birthday, gifts, costume, food the lot - just me and my family mind you! And for the last 4 books I insisted my mum let me queue for the books at midnight.
Star Wars, Firefly, Marvel, Batman, fairy tales, Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Attack on Titan, I can go on and on and on. All of these things make me happy, and now cosplaying and Comic Cons - just thinking about May gets me giddy with excitement!

On top of this show just recently being on BBC3, I watched Done the Impossible on Netflix last weekend which was a similar in that it was about fans and super fans. It is a show about how the support of the great Firefly fanbase rallied together to show enough support for the too-soon cancelled show that Universal supported Joss Wheedon in the creation of the follow-on film Serenity.

Watching both of these shows I just felt somehow vindicated in my love for all my interests. Not that  I need to justify my interests (and goodness knows I love them regardless of what anyone says!), but they were both just so interesting and uplifting for a fan to watch. And to feel that the people involved in shows such as Firefly, or films such as Harry Potter, acknowledged the fans and took the time to appreciate them made me feel happy that I love such awesome things! I also recently contributed $25 to the Con Man Indiegogo campaign (a small amount but something I am just so excited about I felt I wanted to give something to feel a part of it!) and as small as that contribution will ultimately be, it makes me feel a part of something that I'm proud to love.

Do you consider yourself a super fan of anything?


  1. I really wanted to watch this, make me a tiny bit sad when tina? said her reason was because she ddin't have children of her own and she watched them grow up.. I do, a few the same as yours and most definitely Game of thrones!!

  2. Yes that made me upset too, but I didn't really feel very sorry for her in the end I think because she appeared genuinely happy and not sad. And everyone is made happy by different hobbies :) YES GAME OF THRONES

  3. Being a superfan is awesome! Some people are obsessed with watching sports and some are obsessed with watching shows/movies, reading books & playing games. Who cares? Can't wait to watch this show!