Sunday, 1 March 2015

crafty plans for march

Every month I aim to set myself, and complete, a ‘crafty challenge’ – a personal goal to help improve my knitting and crochet, and to embolden me to react to all the patterns and inspiration that is available on the internet! By sharing this with you I feel more encouraged to branch out and do these challenges by the end of the same month, and hopefully you will be interested in what I am working. Perhaps it will help inspire you to try something new as well?

Last month I set myself 2 reasonably sized projects to complete, worried as I was that February might become like January with lots of unaccounted for commissions (not that I am complaining!). However last month I didn't receive any orders so I was able to get everything and more done, which was absolutely great; I really felt in my mojo with designing and blogging and just general creativity. 

So, in the hopes that this will continue this month, I am again going to set myself 2 craft challenges for the month ahead, but they are both of a good size that they shouldn't be too easy, but will also allow me to get on with other things that take my fancy, like knitting up another jumper. 

I really love how this sleeve looks, but I will probably go with another pattern - what do you think?
Knit or crochet a laptop sleeve
I don't know if you recall that in November I actually put together a list of ideas from Pinterest of some great knitted and crocheted laptop sleeves, because I had just bought myself a lovely new laptop. It is now March and I STILL haven't made anything, so I think it is high time I pulled my socks up and made one so that my laptop has more protection than it currently has. 

some of my mum's sketches
Design a crochet pattern based on a sketch by my mum
In January I shared with you some sketches for miniature bear designs that my mum had drawn before she died. They were hidden in a notebook and as soon as I found them I wanted to keep them. Although she intended them for miniature hand sewn dolls, I think she would be very excited to know that I am going to use the distinctive shapes she came up with to create some cute amigurumi. Undoubtedly I will share a free pattern for the 'bear' on here once I've finished, but I am first going to send it to some crochet magazines to see if anything picks up down that route! So this is almost 2 challenges in one :)

Have you set yourself any exciting projects or challenges for the month ahead?


  1. Woollen Wilderness2 March 2015 at 07:38

    Those look like fantastic goals for the new month. Curious to see how your laptop sleeve will turn out, I would actually like to make one as well, but haven't found the time for it yet. I'm not nearly as organised as you are, so I haven't set myself any goals, except for just knit on my many many WIPs ;)

  2. Thank you :) yeah I've wanted to make one for ages but haven't found the time, so I am forcing myself to make some time for it this month :) I fear it won't turn out as nice as any of the pictures I've found on pinterest though :p knit knit knit on is a great goal if you ask me :p jenny xx

  3. Thats a good idea setting yourself challenges for the month, gives you something to work towards.

    I'm new to blogging, may need to set myself some blog challenges! :)

    Alison At Home!