Friday, 27 March 2015

fo: basket-weave laptop sleeve

As I promised to you, and myself, I finished knitting a laptop cover! I have very mixed feelings about this project - why don't you read on and tell me what you think.
Yarn - Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (mustard) and Stylecraft Special DK (denim) (2 strands of DK)

You can also read about this laptop sleeve on my Ravelry project page.

I found the pattern on Ravelry and thought it was a splendid, tasteful and simple pattern with an effective colour combination. I promptly printed it off and got started. I've sort of made a private promise to myself to not buy any more yarn for a minimum of 6 months starting in January (I had a tiny slip in February, but it was £3 for 3 balls so I couldn't say no!) so I needed to use up something in my stash. This limited my colour choices somewhat but I was pretty happy with the yellow and blue. It does look a little too Despicable-Me-minion for my liking, but I think I get away with it!

The original pattern is for a 13" Macbook Pro; I have a 15.6" HP Pavillion, so I knew some adjustment would be needed. The pattern is worked in blocks of 8 stitches so I had no choice but to add 8 stitches when I cast on even though I felt fewer would be better.

Its a great pattern that works up reasonably quickly and looks very smart and effective. I did get rather bored of knitting the pattern I must admit and it became one of those projects that I forced myself to finish. If I put it down I had a feeling I wouldn't pick it up again! I also needed to work 2 further repeats of the pattern because it was impossible to tell if it was long enough. I worked it extra long to develop a flap to ensure it would cover and protect my laptop, worked in the contrast colour to avoid the minion appearance.

When I finished the cover I must admit I really did not like it at all. It doesn't look as neat as the pattern picture, and it is too big for my laptop even though I sewed the edges together more in the hopes of tightening the fit. But I slept on it and when I woke up I did like it more.

My main problem with the sleeve is that it is so flimsy and slips all over the place when I try to pick up the laptop. But I know it is mainly my expectations which make this laptop sleeve appear less than adequete; I want a firm, tightly fitting case which will protect my laptop snugly. This can't really be achieved with knitting/crochet for such a large piece of hardware.

So I'm continuing my sewing fix from the weekend and instead I will sew a case (as I am loathed to buy one with all the crafting supplies in my life!) which should give me a much sturdier cover. I will use a zip or Velcro to make a secure fastening as well.

This pattern is good and I would recommend it for a simple straightforward gadget sleeve, but it is in my opinion more suited to a small, light laptop or a tablet/e-reader. And I'm not upset that I don't like my cover - a knitting fail is a lesson learned! 


  1. 'A knitting fail is a lesson learned', I like that! Although I'm not saying this is a knitting fail! I know what you mean about making something and it not being quite right for whatever reason. But onwards and upwards to something more sturdy! It does look lovely, though.

  2. yeah I think I'll make that a bit of a mantra of mine :p ah I know what you mean, it does look good and it has grown on me, but unfortunately I just had a specific idea in my head, but yes onwards and upwards :) thank you very much Amy! jenny xx

  3. Sorry the case isn't all that you expected! :/ I use mine as more of a decorative cover to prevent it from getting scratched and it works well for that! Good luck sewing a case! I'd love to see the final results!

  4. Oh no Rachel the pattern is wonderful and I love the way the case looks! It works brilliantly like you say as a decorative cover, but it is my fault that I sort of aimed for something else, when realistically no knitted or crocheted cover would offer the protection I am aiming for :) i would heartily recommend your pattern and I am so glad I stumbled across it :) thanks I can't wait to get one made! jenny xx

  5. Woollen Wilderness5 April 2015 at 20:49

    I love the look of this sleeve (the minion comparison is so accurate!), but I can totally see why you'd want something sturdier for you laptop.