Sunday, 22 March 2015

weekend musings

a pile of old jeans and a load of blue thread
  • Most of this weekend I've been cutting up old jeans and sewing them together sporadically into a throw. I think it is going well - I can't wait to be finished but for now I am having a sewing break!
  • I also finished knitting a laptop sleeve as planned. I've got mixed feelings about the finished piece but I will save those for a post later this week!
  • I've been wondering about a regular weekly blog post - perhaps something like this 'weekend musings' but I'm not sure - what do you think?
  • There was so much sunshine here it was awesome!
  • I binge watched Pokemon and Deathnote on Netflix, and I regret nothing. 
  • I've started to get VERY excited about Comic Con in London in May! Particularly seeing so much about the Birmingham one on social media as that happened this weekend. 
  • And I'm getting really excited about Con Man - the new offering from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion; I contributed $25 to the cause so I get to see my name in the credits woohoo!


  1. Woollen Wilderness23 March 2015 at 20:18

    I like the idea of the Weekend Musings as a weekly thing! And binge watching pokemon sounds like a perfect weekend to me :)

  2. love your laptop sleeve!! great work !

  3. Thanks I think I will give it a go as a weekly post, but keep it very informal so I don't stress out if I miss a weekend! oh oh it was :) jenny xx

  4. thank you erin! I will be sharing a more detailed post on Friday about the laptop sleeve :) jenny xx