Thursday, 30 April 2015

april crafting - update

When it comes to crafting I feel like I achieved quite a lot this month, probably because this is the first month in a long time that I have been a completely selfish crafter and made some excellent geeky stuff which, more often than not, gets put to one side. I certainly smashed this month's plans and then some! Let me tell you though, when you see what I got up to this month I hope you will agree that geeky crafting is the best crafting (for a geek like me anyway!).

Also, I don't know about you, but has this month felt looooong or what!?

Completed - knit a Jayne Cobb inspired hat

This hat was such a joy to knit! The colours are so bright and you hold the yarn double so it works up quickly and soft. Not to mention that I've been guiding my dad through all of the episodes of Firefly this month which adds to the excitement of finally knitting my own cunning hat! If you want to knit a hat like this I can't recommend this pattern enough, and you can read more about my hat here.

Completed - crochet a Pokemon

I managed this 2.5x, if that's possible! First this month I was inspired while playing Pokemon X to design a pattern for Azurill - one of the cutest baby Pokemon around - and I am so happy with how he turned out! And once I'd finished him I couldn't wait to finally make my own baby Squirtle based on the picture I shared earlier this month. Just look at him up there! I couldn't be happier, he is adorable! I took a few pictures so I will share more pictures of him next week! And finally I also had some colours left over from the Jayne Cobb hat and decided what would be better than making a Magikarp. I am using this pattern and he is going to be HUGE! I can't wait to finish him and show you.

If you would like to crochet your own Azurill, use my free pattern here, and you can find the free pattern for Squirtle here

Now, what do I want to make next month...?


  1. Aw they're so cute, love Squirtle!

  2. thanks Elise - the lady who wrote the pattern has all of the Eeveelutions which I think I need to make all of! :p jenny xx