Wednesday, 1 April 2015

crafty plans for april

Every month I aim to set myself, and complete, a ‘crafty challenge’ – a personal goal to help improve my knitting and crochet, and to embolden me to react to all the patterns and inspiration that is available on the internet! By sharing this with you I feel more encouraged to branch out and do these challenges by the end of the same month, and hopefully you will be interested in what I am working. Perhaps it will help inspire you to try something new as well?

At the start of every month I set myself a couple of 'crafty plans' for the month ahead in order to challenge myself and to structure what I get up to. This month I already have an order to knit one of my infinity scarves, and I have been feeling particularly geeky and excited about comic con, so it is two pretty easy challenges this month.

image source - Evelyn Pham
Crochet a Pokemon

The whole reason I taught myself to crochet over 3 years ago now was because I saw many gorgeous pictures online of crocheted pokemon (just look at my Pinterest board if you need evidence), and to this day although I have made a handful I haven't made any for myself, nor have I made any of my favourite pokemon. I am finally going to treat myself to Pokemon Y tomorrow for the Nintendo 3DS (pay day yesterday woop) and in honour of this, as well as almost completing the Indigo League on Netflix this weekend, I finally want to crochet myself my own little Pokemon. And I stumbled across aphid777 at Deviant Art on Ravelry while looking for some pictures for this post and fell in love with all of these designs! B got particularly excited about Squirtle, but I love the Eevee with all my heart! I think I will be using one of these, if not a couple, this month!

image source - hedoknistic
Knit a Jayne Cobb inspired hat

I, as well as many others, love Firely with all of my heart and have for the longest time wanted to knit the infamous Jayne Cobb hat! Chatting with B earlier today we decided that, because of receiving an unexpected bonus at work, I was allowed to temporarily lift my no-yarn-buying ban and I can purchase the yarn needed to make this hat! I will use this pattern, and then I can wear it to Manchester Comic Con a couple of months after the London one - woo hoo! I can't wait to make this, and I might even make it fast enough to wear in this miserable weather we are still having.

Have you got any crafty plans this month?


  1. Yay for the lifting of the yarn buying ban, even if it's only temporary! Dave bought me 4 balls of wool last week as he gets paid before me. Such a good egg haha 😄. Maybe you should ask for yarn instead of Easter eggs? xx

  2. Aw the Pokemon is so cute! I haven't watched it in yeeears, my favourite was Psyduck (good chance I spelled that wrong...)

  3. hehe yeaaahh :p nice one Dave! B told me about a sale in Hobbbycraft....almost the same?? :) ah but I do love me some easter eggs :) jenny xx

  4. aw thats awesome, my mum's fave was psyduck too!!! no no spelt correctly :D jenny xx