Wednesday, 22 April 2015

diy fashion trends - the deramores blog competition

Deramores was the first website I ever tentatively ordered my supplies from when I branched out my knitting and crochet horizons, and I continually go back to read their blog and perhaps, very occasionally, buy something ... hear my guilty tone in that last part? They announced at the end of March a blog competition in association with 6 well known bloggers (5 of whom I already read regularly) about the trends we can see and expect from yarn crafts throughout 2015.

There is a notable crochet trend going on when you read what the bloggers have to say on the subject. I was very happy to see Kat of Slugs on the Refrigerator pick up on DIY fashion. More specifically Kat writes about crochet garments and their growth in popularity in recent months, even years, and share some beautiful pictures that are giving me a serious itch to grab my hooks as soon as I can!

I completely agree with her points that perhaps people who have long stuck to home wares and accessories are now, with the help of the internet and forums such as Ravelry, experimenting with crochet garments. Personally I am sure that Pinterest must have a huge hand in this, inspiring people so easily to seek out and try new things and making it so much easier to share exciting project ideas.

My favourite thing to search for on Pinterest for example is granny square projects. Initially this began as a search for inspiration to start a new blanket at some point, but the amount of accessories and garments that one could make with the simple and traditional granny square alone astound me! In particular I am keen to try and crochet a granny square jacket, inspired by the colours and designs of just a few of the ones available to try.

all images taken from, and can be found, on Pinterest
There are three amazing things about these granny square jackets in particular that gets my creative side very excited. The first is that even though they are using a traditional design, nothing looks dated, you can make these look very modern and stylish (though I would have to make an impeccable design to wear it out of the house! I'm thinking a lounging round jacket..?). Second it looks so easy to make up your own pattern for one of these jackets so that you can really make something tailer individually to you. And finally if you are like me and don't mind (or even embrace) the fact that I can be and look a little eccentric, then this is an excellent project to bash that stash and use up some of the mountain of yarn all knitters and crocheters inevitably acquire, even making this an economical project.

image source - Outstanding Crochet
I still haven't had the guts to try and make one of these jackets yet, as it will take careful planning and some design choices, plus I'm too eager to make everything else under the sun as well. But I am determined to start hooking one up before the end of the year! And that's not to say I haven't been busy embracing the DIY fashion trend myself. Last year I sewed myself a skirt, and knitted a practice cardigan, and more recently I finished knitting a wonderful jumper that was the result of a previously failed knit. Another splendid thing about DIY fashion (particularly knitted and crocheted) is that if you aren't happy with the finished project who is to stop you from ripping it out and giving it another go!

my finished jumper!
As soon as I finished the jumper I was so relieved and happy that it went right that I've dived straight into garment knitting again and cast on a garter stitch cardigan! This is fuelled no doubt by my long desire to knit my own clothes, but also by the trend for DIY fashion and the resurgence in crafting across Britain (evidence no doubt by the popularity of shows such as The Great British Sewing Bee). I simply can't wait to make more of my own garments!

What do you think - are crochet garments and DIY fashion 'on trend' for 2015?

This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK's number one retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details. 

I love the neck line on my latest knit!


  1. Woollen Wilderness22 April 2015 at 20:54

    DIY fashion is a trend this year for sure! I myself have been feeling more motivated to knit my own clothes and have taken up a sewing class. The other day I was at a party and was surprised to find at least 5 other girls that had taken up sewing in the last few months! In contrast, up until a few months ago I knew no one in my direct vicinity that did anything with making clothes.

  2. Its hard to pin point exactly where the motivation or trend comes from, right? But I'm glad you feel it too! Tis a good trend indeed :) gosh 5 others that's so interesting! All my friends are dabbling in dressmaking too, out of the blue, I really love it though! jenny xx

  3. I completely have to agree with the DIY trend, not only have I now realised that all my close girly friends all either knit or sew regulary when they didn't 4 years ago when I began knitting in earnest. But also when I say to people that I knit, or it comes up in conversation I get less odd looks than I have before and people have been actively interested and complimentry of what I do. I like this trend, I really do!
    Oooh Jenny, I love that crochet top...I may have to resurrect my very limited crochet skills and try and make it! Fiona xx

  4. Its crazy isn't it! But so awesome :) I'm glad you've mentioned the fact that people don't find it so odd if you knit now, that didn't even occur to me that it really is pretty much a 'mainstream' hobby now, or fast becoming one! It is a gorgeous top isn't it! I am all for encouraging people to brush up on their crochet skills :D jenny xx