Sunday, 12 April 2015

fo: lava wrist warmers

B's mum surprised me with a little gift, a month or two ago, of the Crochet 2015 Calendar. A day by day calendar sharing, you guessed it, over 100 different crochet designs! What a perfect way to map the days. As you might imagine with so many patterns not all of them necessarily peak my interest, but many of them do and the very first pattern featured in the calendar is the Lava Wrist Warmer - perfect for me who is always on her iPhone out in the cold!

Pattern - Lava Wrist Warmers (published in Crochet 2015 Calendar)

The picture in the original pattern actually uses a dark grey Aran wool that looks really classy and would match any outfit, but I am trying not to buy any yarn for a few months (going reasonably well!) and I had plenty of this lovely pink Stylecraft yarn left over from a shawl I had crocheted as a Christmas gift not long ago. So I doubled it up to get the correct guage and settled down to crochet while watching Guardians of the Galaxy last month. 

This pattern is realy fabulous. It was easy to follow and I really liked the granite stitch effect which I have never used in crochet before. The resultant texture is very similar to a knitted seed/moss stitch which is one of my favourite textures to use when knitting. 

The edges are finished with a simple shell stitch to give it a nice, organic but neat edge. I struggled identified the row counts to do this stitch I must admit, but with most crochet projects you can muddle through and everything is ok!

These worked up really quickly (they only took the one evening, and the one sit through Guardians of the Galaxy) so they were a perfect break from knitting my new jumper, which incidentally I am wearing in the pictures above as B was helping me take some pictures of both these finished projects! I will be writing about the finished jumper soon, I just get so self concious in pictures! My hands are different though. 

It doesn't look like this pattern is available online which is a shame because it was such a satisfying and quick project. There was one odd instruction in the pattern when sewing up to make the thumb holes, which it turns out there is errata for, but I muddled through myself!
I've also managed to wear the warmers a couple of times before the spring weather sprung out of nowhere here in the UK, they fit beautifully and look pretty good with my dark navy coat!


  1. Woollen Wilderness12 April 2015 at 20:17

    Love these mitts! And the bright pink is awesome, so much better than gray. With spring coming up I've also been itching to make some wristwarmers, although I'm not quite sure why (it's not necessarily a very spring like accesory).

  2. I really like your colour choice. Why use something dark if you can brighten up a cold day? I also look forward to seeing more of your jumper.

  3. aw thanks! The colour is pretty awesome, I am glad I opted for it in the end. I know what you mean, but when it is spring sometimes the mornings/evenings can be chilly enough, or there is a wind that bothers my hands and gloves seem like too much. Wrist warmers thus are the answer! jenny xx

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you like, and that is an excellent point the certainly brighten up my mornings on the way to work! cheers I will have some pictures up over the next few days :) jenny xx