Wednesday, 13 May 2015

fo: giant crochet magikarp

So recently I've gone crochet Pokemon crazy! I've written a free pattern so you can crochet your own Azurill, and I've also finished an adorable baby Squirtle crochet which has proven incredibly popular, particularly on Instagram. After spotting this pin on Pinterest though, I knew a derpy Magikarp was on the agenda as well... 

Pattern - Crochet Pokemon Magikarp
Yarn - Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (shades: 133 Brick, 158 Mustard, 123 Beige)
Ravelry project page - here
This Magikarp took a few weeks to complete, and was one of those projects that, as I went, I thought oh no this isn't looking anything like it is supposed to, I'm just wasting my time. But happily I persevered and once all the pieces were brought together and all the finishing touches added Magikarp was alive! He turned out very large, especially so as I used a 4mm hook rather than the recommended 2.5mm. The colours I had left over from my Jayne Cobb hat were just too good not to use on this project, though I did have to order 2 more skeins of red (brick) and a new colour beige. 
I'm not sure he looks as excellent as the pattern picture, but I'm happy with him! As you can see I opted for red rather than orange as the main colour. I also used ripped up bed sheets and scrap fabric to stuff him rather than toy stuffing (to save on costs) which, it turns out, just isn't as easy to use to define shape ... and also made the finished project very heavy!
My only problem with this project was the number of errors in the pattern. There were quite a number, of which I've made notes and corrections on my project page. In all fairness the pattern designer was very good and emailed me back very quickly with my initial concerns about the pattern, and updated the largest error (miscounted rounds on the top and bottom crown, causing the spikes to be quite irregular) and re-emailed the pattern. She was very lovely to deal with! The other mistakes I managed to work out myself and have shared now. 
Magikarp is currently being used as a cushion on my bed due to his size and weight. I am very pleased with how he turned out but won't be undertaking such a large crochet pattern again for a long time! 


  1. Oh wow this is just amazing! I really want to make myself one now! Well done, he's awesome!

  2. Woollen Wilderness15 May 2015 at 20:38

    This is AMAZING! I don't have nearly enough giant magicarps in my life!!

  3. That's it, I love you already. I have a knitted Ampharos and love it to bits and pieces. I bought it from a girl that hand knitted from Etsy.

    I love anything homemade and then add Pokemon? Awesome sauce! ^^ Gr

  4. thank you so much Kim :) sorry for responding so late! you absolutely should - it takes a long time but I love him! jenny xx

  5. thanks! I've always felt there was a large Magikarp-ed shaped hole in my life :) sorry for being so slow in responding! jenny xx

  6. GOSH why thanks :D did you see squirtle too? ;) I'm hoping to make an Eevee soon as well :) wow a knitted Amphoros! That sounds splendid I'd love to know where you got it from? jenny xx

  7. I got it from They have all sorts of knitted and handcrafted things.

  8. THAT'S ADORABLE!! which shop in particular, if you know? :) gotta add them on my Etsy faves! jenny xx

  9. Here it is:

    I intend to order more later on. Yeah, Ampharos is pretty special and SO cute. I just love it.