Sunday, 31 May 2015

may crafting - update

I've been doing my monthly crafty-plans/challenges and matching round up's now for 5 months or so, and I do enjoy tying up the month this way. Do you like reading these posts and my progress on my makes? Please tell me if you do/don't and what you might like to see more of in the comments! 

In progress - use Pinterest as a spring-board to make something
Perhaps my greatest strength, and simultaneously my greatest weakness, with this month's crafty challenge was to make something inspired by Pinterest. This gave me a virtual world of freedom to decide what I wanted to make and even to interpret it myself, not having to make something, but instead choosing to make anything. 
This is what makes Pinterest pretty darn awesome - wouldn't you agree?
This was a weakness because, inevitably first there were too many choices. In particular there was a denim whale I never even came close to starting even though I though I might like to, and a granny square jacket that was completely pushed out of my mind. Even when I eventually settled on one idea (using these cushions as inspiration), I invariably changed my mind and started crocheting a rug with ripped up bed sheets and a 15mm crochet hook (more on this later next month! It needs to be finished). And THEN at comic-con last weekend, I saw these cushions, 

And here lies the strength in my little challenge. Even with the amazingness that is Pinterest, I have been able to use what I've seen online as a backing to the inspiration that hit me when I saw something in real life. So in the last week I've had brainwave after brainwave and have started making a set of items, back to being inspired by the above picture and the afore mentioned cushions. Can you guess what I'm working on?

I don't want to ruin the surprise, because if what I make works it will look downright AWESOME! And one mustn't rush awesomeness just to make a self-imposed blog deadline after all! So please bear with me and watch out later this month for some pretty excellent crafty/geeky makes - fingers crossed anyway that's what happens! 
What did you make this month? Did you meet your deadlines better than me, if you had any that is :)

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