Tuesday, 30 June 2015

barbie knitted skirt (june crafting - update)

This month's challenge I actually 'completed' in one weekend. I did tell you I was taking knitting on holiday, thinking I would get LOADS of knitting done. But I was at an all inclusive resort in very hot and sunny Corfu, and didn't appreciate how hot and tipsy I would be all day ... So no knitting was done! But I had a whale of a time drinking cocktails and reading splendid books, and managed to design a skirt for Barbie when I came home a few days ago! 

Completed - Design and knit some clothes for Barbie (and similar sized dolls). 
I designed the green skirt using 3.25mm needles and 4-ply yarn (specifically Red Heart Margareta in 1195 Green). It is worked flat and sewn up at the back with a single seam. 

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the design process here, as I would much rather share this with you when I shared the written pattern next month! 
I should say that the pink top in the picture was not designed by myself - I started to design one but felt that I wasn't so interested at the time, but Barbie needed a top because she was hanging round my house with nothing on her chest and I think she was a little cold! You can find the pattern for the top here - it is a great, straightforward pattern, also worked flat and sewn up at the back. 
I hope you like Barbie's skirt! It was pretty satisfying to work out (and I almost feel I could transfer this simple design to an adult skirt!) and I think I will be designing more clothes for her evenatually, though I couldn't say when at this point!
What would you like to see designed?

I have been setting myself monthly craft challenges for 6 months now, and have enjoyed the challenges and writing the posts. I wanted to know if you enjoy reading them too? Any thoughts on what you think/how I could improve this aspect I would love to hear!
In the mean time I won't set myself a challenge next month as I have a busy month (Ben graduates university yippee and I have to get our costumes ready for Manchester Comic Con) and I would rather just go with any inspiration that comes as and when!


  1. I love these posts, keep it up! And Barbie looks pretty awesome ;)

  2. Thanks Elise :D I do enjoy sharing and thinking these up, so that alone spurs me on really :) I just can't be bothered thinking something up tomorrow in this heat wave :p (how is the weather up in Scotland?). I'm glad you think she looks good :) jenny xx