Thursday, 4 June 2015

london comic con - the cosplay

As you may have cottoned on to, towards the end of last month I went to MCM Comic Con in London - and it was AMAZING!

Last year we had such a great time at Manchester Comic Con that we (me, Beth and Ben) decided we should go to London in the hopes of seeing some bigger names. We weren't too impressed this year with the celebrity line up - I mean, they had celebrities, but not any we were super keen to see necessarily (though we did go to a Batman Arkham Knight panel with John Noble), not like last year when they had Lena Heady. The sheer size of the show though was so splendid that we got almost a full 3 days of exploration out of it (though were were exhausted by the Sunday and couldn't manage a full day).

As promised I want to share 2 posts with you about the con. The first of these will be pictures from the cosplay we wore and saw at the con. If you aren't familiar with cosplay you can read up a bit on it here. In a few days I will share thoughts on the things we saw and bought.

WATCH OUT - lots of pictures in this post, so loading may take longer than usual.
Ben as a scout/Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
Beth as Lagertha from Vikings
Me as Korra from Avatar - The Legend of Korra
As you can see, and hopefully agree, we all looked pretty darn awesome! Unfortunately on the Saturday morning Ben's ODM gear straps broke which is why he isn't wearing them in the picture, but I think he cuts a pretty dashing figure still! His boots were really uncomfortable though, he did so well to last the weekend in them. Beth hand stitched the details onto her leather 'corset' (I think that is the correct use of that word) and the detail is really exquisite. She promises me it took a painstaking length of time! I sewed the fur detail onto a pair of £3 boots from Primark - bargain!  - and the top is a crop top from ASOS of all places which I added the white sleeves to, it shouldn't strictly be a crop top but it was the best I could find. 

We dressed up on Friday and Saturday and really enjoyed the funny looks we received on the Tube and DLR! It was a bit of a relief to see other fans on the transport system as well. We decided not to dress up on Sunday as me and Ben had to get the train back to Manchester that evening, but Comic Con is decidedly less fun without cosplay, so I won't be doing that again!

We also had a bit of a contest to see who would be stopped the most and asked for their picture - I won :p but then again, my character was obvious and is pretty damn popular at these sorts of things.

proof of Korra's popularity!
Attack on Titan was another popular one! Ben has his gear here.
We were really gutted we couldn't find any other Viking's for Beth to grab a group picture with too! She spotted some one day but we couldn't find them in the cavern that is the Excel London. We did however spot a How to Train Your Dragon Viking - close enough?

As last, year it was a lot of fun checking out peoples costumes and getting excited when we saw people from games/shows/films that we love. We all agreed however that the cosplayers weren't quite as impressive as they seemed in Manchester last year (perhaps because we were dewy eyed newbies?), and people were certainly less willing/smiley when it came to asking for pictures. This was a bit of a disappointment, particularly on Friday as I snapped barely any pictures at all, compared to last year where we were stopping left right and centre to get pictures (which is part of the fun!).

We found this very surprising considering London is so much bigger and popular, but perhaps that was part of the problem? No matter, I've bought tickets to the Manchester Comic Con in July so I will get my fill, and you will get more pictures as me and Ben will be doing a different cosplay!

Despite this slight disappointment, I did get some very good pictures of some great costumes!


Pika-Thor - just brilliant

I took plenty more pictures than this, including more of me Beth and Ben, all of which can be found over on my Facebook page!

All in all though, this was such an amazing weekend and I was very sorry for it to end. We watched Jurassic Park on the Sunday afternoon though to lift our spirits before the 4 hour journey home.

If you are interested in attending a con, come back in a few days to see what sort of things you can expect to find on the stalls!

And if you were in London and snapped some pictures, either of yourself, some excellent cosplay, or perhaps of us, why not share them on my Facebook page?

What do you think - crazy, or awesome? 


  1. You all look great! And that Pika Thor is hilarious!

  2. Cheers B. :) isn't it just! :D jenny xx