Wednesday, 24 June 2015

fo: crochet baby eevee

Pattern - Baby Eevee
Yarn - New Fashion Double Knitting by Woolcraft (shade 885, Walnut) 
Ravelry project page - here

I was so delighted with how my baby Squirtle turned out last month that I was eager to try another one of Evelyn's patterns as soon as I can. In wanting to break up knitting a cardigan I knew a baby Pokemon would be perfect! 

I chose to do Eevee next as I assumed I would have the correct shade of brown, and I had bought some fluffy white faux fur trim to complete my Korra outfit for comic con last month. I printed off the pattern and was very excited, but to my horror I didn't have any brown! I abanonded Eevee for the time being and that weekend I was visiting Ben in Leeds with nothing to crochet or knit.

Once I got there though, I complained to Ben that I wanted to make Eevee really badly, and on a whim I googled 'wool shop Leeds', thinking I wouldn't get a hit. Happy surprise, there was a wool shop right there in the Merrion Centre! Very cheap and they had the colours I needed and I was even able to buy a cheap crochet hook, and I got to crochet Eevee that weekend looking up the pattern on my phone.

I couldn't remember what hook size I used for Squirtle so I bought a 4mm hook hoping that would be right. Turns out I used a 3.5mm for Squirtle and Eevee has been made a lot larger than I initially wanted (I was hoping to have all baby Pokemon the same size like Evelyn has made them).

can you see the size difference here? no matter!
Even though Eevee has turned out a little larger than intended, I absolutely adore her! All the delicate features have still shone through, like the slight bulges for the cheeks and nose, and also on the feet. Evelyn's pattern is so well written, she takes care to tell you where the FO stitch is in reference to the whole amigurumi so you can (in her words) stuff strategically.

I preferred this pattern to Squirtle in its simplicity. There was only one colour change on the tail, and the increase and decreases are so well thought out that all the shapes for Eevee are obvious with very little need to stuff/sew anything into a different shape.

As with Squirtle, I used felt for the eyes and then felted them ever so slightly using a felting needle to soften the edges. The ears and simply cut from felt and sewn into position, and the nose is a small amount of black yarn. I used faux fur trim (white) bought from Minerva Fabrics online, via Amazon for Eevee's furry collar (for want of a better description! Mane, perhaps?).

All in all I am absolutely delighted that my baby Pokemon collection is growing! I will make the further eeveelutions using a 4mm hook so they at least will be the same size, and I will continue crocheting adorable Pokemon so I can become a crochet Pokemon master!


  1. ahhh Squirtle used to be my favorite back in the day lol both are so cute!!


  2. Thank you Jessica! aw yes Squirtle is a good fave to have! Mine is Ninetails - can't find a really good crochet pattern for it though! jenny xx

  3. Julie Crawford29 June 2015 at 19:41

    oh my gosh, that is so freaking adorable!! Love your baby pokemons, and high fives on the awesome eye details- you did a great job.

  4. Thank you Julie - I am so pleased with the eye detail! I can't wait to make more :) jenny xx