Sunday, 7 June 2015

london comic con - the stuff

The cosplay isn't the only great thing about going to comic con (although I think it is pretty much my favourite part). There is so much more going on, such as sneak peeks of new games and movies, a chance to play in trading card game tournaments and sample new board games, and countless panels/presentations/autograph signings/photo opportunities with people from the 'comic book world'*. This being only my second con we still haven't quite taken advantage of a lot of these aspects, but there will be lots of time for that yet! What I most certainly do have time for is the mountains of 'stuff' (for want of a better word) that you can look at, drool over, and buy at a convention.

*'comic book world' is a very broad definition, as comic con is so much more than comic books - for example Felica Day and Gillian Anderson were at London Comic Con, as was John Noble and even ... Shane Richie.

Don't your eyes just drink in all this awesomeness? Above you can see a multitude of plushies available to buy (this was just one stand of many that could be found at the con) and doesn't even hint to the fact that 2 aisles over there was a pink alley dedicated to all this kawaii! I was convinced by Ben that perhaps I didn't need another soft toy. I loved all the Totoro garden ornaments and the etched spoons and chopping boards are gorgeous too! Just some of the examples of talented vendors who were at comic con.

Of course, not only were there thousands of things available to purchase, there were dozens of vehicles, statues, figures and more for us to look at, regardless of whether we knew what they were or not (in particular who is this tall chappy below, anyone know?).
Hello Kitty bush! How interesting
The newly designed Batmobile for the upcoming game Batman Arkham Knight
Mad Max's car from the new film Fury Road
And of course we couldn't come away from comic con without buying ourselves some excellent goodies. I've come to realise that last year at Manchester I made the mistake of not having anything in mind of what I wanted to come away from the con with, which meant I bought too much and a lot of it not really good/useful. Although I told Ben we could treat ourselves of course if we spotted something we really wanted, we thought of a list of things we really wanted this time which made the shopping round process and the purchases we eventually came away with much more satisfying!

We are huge fans of Attack on Titan and The Legend of Korra already, some books to build upon these interested were certainly on the cards! And we want to learn more about Deadpool before the Ryan Reynolds film comes out whenever that's due.
We've taken to collecting POP! Figures and are aiming to complete certain collections - Dragonball Z, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy will be the first to complete!
Ben is a huge Final Fantasy X fan (as I am) and in particular he wanted a Jecht symbol on a necklace

I used to have this mug a few years ago, bought for me by my mum, but it broke and I never replaced it. Until today!
An impulse buy, but one of my most favourite by far! This is a gorgeous tea set imported from Japan, as well as a couple of pairs of chopsticks.
We are definitely going to make a point of buying more artist's pieces - I've since framed these in some plain glass frames from Hobbycraft and they look terrific.
I am so pleased with all my goodies, and I am certain that after Manchester MCM Comic Con in July I will have some more goodies to show you! 

If you could choose anything from here for yourself or a friend who loves all things geeky, what would you choose as your favourite?


  1. Woollen Wilderness7 June 2015 at 19:50

    I should never ever visit an event like this, because I would without a doubt spend all my money there!

  2. I had to save up specially for it, and even then I spent too much :p jenny xx

  3. That car from Mad Max looks awesome!

  4. Look at all the Totoros! And your new tea set is so adorable.

  5. There are no words.... I think if I ever went I would need a months wages..

  6. I love Comic Cons like crazy - I've already been to two this year and am going to a third next month. I love your haul of goodies, who's the artist for the prints in the bottom picture?

  7. doesn't it just! Have you seen the film? jenny xx

  8. thanks Brandy ! Kinda wish I had bought a Totoro, though I guess there is always next time :) jenny xx

  9. Jolly good! I'm going to another next month as well actually, love them! I don't know I'm really sorry, just been looking through the event guide but its no use! I've tweeted a pic and asked the Con to retweet so hopefully I can get an answer for you soon! I bet I picked up a business card but lost it pretty promptly ... jenny xx

  10. oh, please don't go to any lengths to find out - i'm sure i'll find the artist at a con myself sooner or later, I appreciate it though.
    And oh, the business cards I've collected at these things are ridiculous. And you get home, go on the website nd nope, no idea what was on that stall...

  11. haha know that feeling! If I find out I will be sure to share though!! :) perhaps if you do spot them you could share too :) jenny xx