Thursday, 18 June 2015

packing the holiday essentials

This Sunday morning (at horrible o'clock, I should add) me and Ben are flying to Corfu for 5 days for hopeful sunshine, heat, the beach, cocktails, and just general relaxing. We've got our Euros purchased, travel documents printed, I have my bikinis, Ben has his swimming shorts, my out-of-office email is set up at work, and we have plenty of sun cream too!

But surely what is most important when one prepares for their summer holidays has the be deciding what knitting to take!

Having checked the weather forecast for Corfu, it looks very promising in the high-20s (that's Celsius) and plenty of sunshine which is, although exactly what we want for this holiday, not necessarily ideal knitting weather. I am naturally a winter girl by nature after all and I do love my chunky knits. But for the longest time I have been meaning to try lace knitting, and have had a free kit from a Let's Knit magazine lying around for about a year now waiting to be tried. It is a kit to knit a light blue neck cowl, using the smaller of the yarns in the picture above, and it looks delightful on the pattern. This should be perfect beach knitting, as I won't get too hot using the extra fine lace yarn and light, slim, and small bamboo needles.

I want to knit on the flights too, though I had understood knitting needles were banned objects when it came to flying. A quick online search however placated me - they aren't necessarily banned by any airport or flight company, though ultimately this is decided by the security personnel checking your hand luggage, and short/blunt wooden or plastic needles are more likely to be accepted than long/sharp metal ones. Read Loveknitting's blog post, and Google it yourself, to find out more. (I'm packing spare needles in my checked bag though, just in case.)

With all the time I have, both on the beach and the flight/airport waiting time there and back, I'm pretty optimistic I will finish knitting the lace cowl and so I will also be taking some equipment to start designing my Barbie outfits. I haven't made a start on this yet as I've been distracted knitting a cardigan this month, and I was bed ridden for the whole of last week with a nasty virus, meaning no knitting was done at all. 

You know something is seriously wrong when you can't even knit!

currently on the needles - Aran Garter Stitch Cardigan
This is the cardigan I have been working furiously on this month, and I hope to have it finished in the next couple of days. It is way too bulky to take with me to Corfu (the skein of yarn is a 400g whopper) and in any case who wants to be knitting a wool and acrylic blend Aran in the sunshine! I've included this in holiday knitting because (hopefully) I will have this finished before we go away, so I can wear it on the plane there and perhaps get some sunny shots modelling it next week! I am so so close to the end - unfortunately torn between knitting this, and playing Final Fantasy VII on the PSP (spurred on by this exciting announcement!) 

Finally of course I've got myself the next 3 books in the The Books of Pellinor by Alison Croggon (just about finished the first book - The Gift - and it is absolutely fabulous!) to read when knitting becomes too hot a task.

What do you always make sure you take on holiday?


  1. I hope you have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see what you get to knit!

  2. Thank you so much B. :) I can't wait to show you! jenny xx