Sunday, 19 July 2015

#christmasinjuly - calling all craft-swappers!

Have you seen the #christmasinjuly hash tag knocking about social media, particularly on Twitter? I hope that, like me, this gets you all excited for Christmas! And if it doesn't, I understand as it is still 5 and a half months away ... who am I kidding, get excited already!!

Perhaps you haven't a clue why this even exists as a thing? There are a few reasons that spring to mind, that I've seen evidence of. The first, this is the time of year many brands/companies roll out their Christmas lines in various press shows and releases, in order that we can be prepared for what's to come - much like clothing lines releasing Spring/Summer lines in the New Year.

Secondly, the southern hemisphere is of course currently mid-winter, and so while we in the northern hemisphere celebrates a 'traditional' Christmas (well, a cold one!) they have theirs mid-summer. So why not be awesome and have two Christmases?! You can read more about this, and other interesting #christmasinjuly traditions here.

Finally, crafters need to get their thinking caps on early in order to best plan and prepare Christmas gifts, craft fairs and online festive sales. So, half way through the year (to Christmas) is surely a polite length of time to wait before planning Christmas makes again! With the time it takes to knit and crochet gifts, you gotta start early - y'know what I'm sayin'?

no matter what time of year, knitted Father Christmas can't help but eat knitted Christmas puds!
Are you interested in a Christmas Craft Swap?

So in the spirit of this, although I haven't begun any serious gift planning yet (though I am always wondering), I wanted to put some feelers out early and call anyone interested to take part in a crafty Christmas swap!

Perhaps you have a blog, or perhaps you don't! Not to worry, I think you should just be willing to make something lovely, and buy one or two presents for your swapee and I envision organising this so that gifts can be recieved before Christmas

There are no specifics thought out yet, but depending on responses and interest here are some early, tentative guide lines,
  • the swap could be open internationally
  • you don't need to knit or crochet, but crafting will be a must in the swap, as we all know recieving a well thought handmade gift, and sending one, is such a great feeling
  • you must be willing to put a little thought and effort into your gift - I'm not saying we need to go to town, but I've done a few craft swaps now where I've either received nothing in return, or what I have received has obviously had no thought put in, and it's a little upsetting
  • I think a minimum spend on a bought gift to accompany the handmade item will be £5 
  • Christmas theme is a must, I may choose to focus on one aspect, such as snow-people or Father Christmas
If you think you are interested, comment below, hit me up on social media (see all buttons to the right, I'm active on them all!) or email me at
Once I have some interested generated over the next few months I will be sure to get in touch with everyone and post on here! 


  1. Julie Crawford20 July 2015 at 16:47

    such a clever idea! You should post this in a swap group on Ravlery, I bet you'd get a lot of interest!

  2. oh thanks Julie that's such a grand idea! I will do just that :) jenny xx