Friday, 31 July 2015

cosplay prep - jayne cobb (& lara croft cross over)

So, yesterday I shared a post about preparing Ben's Kaylee costume for comic con last weekend. Today I want to share the prep that went into my costume. I put together a costume for a female version of Jayne from Firefly (Kaylee is from Firefly too!). After Saturday I really fancied Lara-Crofting-it-up a bit, and did a sort of mash-up of Lara and Jayne. Though no-one 'got' the costume, it was a lot of fun!
Before I get to the hand-made section of my cosplay, you can buy the iconic Blue Sun top from Redbubble - I opted for the tank top version as Jayne wears his in the show cut up into a tank, as many a body builder seems to do. The trousers are from Forever 21 - £6.99 in the sale, so may be unavailable now. 
I had a total of three plastic toy guns for my costume. My 'Vera' is a non-painted Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster (what a name, right?) which I bought as a Christmas present for Ben last Christmas. He designed the simple over the should strap, I sewed it up, and it was easily looped round the ends of the gun, which happened to have 2 handy loops available for such a purpose.
The short, stubby gun is a painted over Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Blaster, another Christmas present for Ben bought the year before. He very nicely offered to paint the brightly coloured sections of the gun for me so as to fit in better with the look of the costume! He did this using acrylic paints.
Finally, the shotgun style gun is a simple Wii controller attachment which I bought from a charity shop for £3. The gun was completely white (unfortunately I didn't get a picture beforehand, but take a look here to see what I mean), before I gave it a black acrylic base-coat, and layered up browns, coppers, silvers and more black to give it the more 'realistic' look. Needless to say we were very proud of how these guns turned out!

Of course, if I wanted to take guns, I needed something to carry them in, but also show off all the hard work we put into them. Plus what sort of 'space cowboy' (I can say that right?) doesn't have her guns ready to roll when Reavers come to town? I used Pinterest as a base for the inspiration for the holsters, following various pictures as guides. Both holsters are constructed from brown poly-cotton fabric, with the larger pieces re-enforced with iron-on interfacing. Every piece of the holsters is made from two pieces of fabric, sewn together and ironed flat, then all constructed together using top stitching. I was really stressing about making the holsters, but hopefully you will agree then ended up turning out pretty ok! And no guns were lost over the weekend. 
And here's one I made earlier ... You may recognise this hat as the one I actually knitted a few months ago! At the time I hadn't necessarily intended to cosplay as Jayne any time soon, but I was definitely thinking about it as a possibility one day, and when last month I decided we would cosplay Firefly (I decide the costumes as currently I fund them - quite happily though!) it was perhaps encouraged slightly by the fact that I already had something integral ready to go. I knit this hat using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, and using this pattern.
Finished look

Lara Cobb / Jayne Croft = just lose the hat, add some bandages and blood/grim, and a French braid

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