Thursday, 30 July 2015

cosplay prep - kaylee frye

You may have seen over on Facebook and Instagram that this weekend I attended another comic con - this time the Manchester MCM Comic Con! This time last year I attended the same show, which was my very first taste of comic conventions, and now I can't get enough! In particular the cosplay is my absolute favourite part about attending these conventions.
For this convention a lot more hand-made prep went into mine and Ben's costumes, so rather than share some cosplay/picture posts, instead I will show you first what I made to create Ben's male version of Kaylee Frye, and then later this week I will show you the prep that went into my female version of Jayne Cobb. Both characters are from one of our favourite shows - Firefly
As we know from 'Shindig' and 'Serenity', Kaylee loves to eat fresh strawberries, undoubtedly a precious commodity in the 'verse 500 years from now. Making sure Ben had a couple of strawberries to hand, for pictures, was a no brainer. I crocheted these using a great free pattern which can be found here. I managed to make 2 in a single evening, after having done some sewing for my costume (more on that later) and 3 would have been ideal, but I was tired. I heartily recommend the pattern!
Although Kaylee doesn't carry her parasol round all day long, it has become iconic and symbolic to anyone cosplaying Kaylee. She is seen holding the parasol in the first episode 'Serenity'. Instead of buying a ready painted version from Etsy, I instead bought a plain white parasol from Brolliesgalore via Amazon (currently out of stock unfortunately), and painted the design myself using basic acrylic paints bought from The Works. If only I could have knit/crochet every aspect of the costume, eh?
It turned out to be a very therapeutic exercise, painting the umbrella, and I am delighted with the bold colours and the way it added to Ben's overall look.

Kaylee has clearly personalised her signature green mechanic's overalls with cute embellishments, including a teddy bear patch, a small heart, and a tiny blue flower. Unfortunately I didn't get round to adding the blue flower, but the teddy bear and the heart were made simply by drawing the shapes onto felt, cutting and sewing into place. The teddy took a little more work as I drew the outline of the bear directly onto the felt with a black Sharpie in order to better define the image, though I think I will replace this in the future with a bought version of the patch.
Finished Look

If you want to see more pictures of the con as a whole though, don't forget to like me on Facebook to see those, and many more things! 

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