Wednesday, 29 July 2015

yarn along

I've been meaning to try and take part in more blog link ups as I work hard to update this blog and keep it all about what I love. Ginny from Small Things very kindly hosts a weekly link up on a Wednesday, simply called 'Yarn Along', in which participants share their current yarny projects, alongside what they happen to be reading this week! I always love reading Elise's posts on this link up and I need to get out there and see some more!

I don't usually write about what I read on this space of mine, but I do love to read and I am currently working through a 2015 Goodreads Reading challenge (on track to read 45 books by December!), so this should prove to be a nice way to share briefly with you what I'm up to in one of my other (very many) hobbies, while combining it with a knitted or crocheted update!  

And if you have visited today from the Yarn Along, please say hello and share some links with me and my lovely readers! 

Currently knitting an exciting and challenging garment for myself! I'm working on a vest, using this pattern (which is actually written in the Japanese chart style!). Not only has this been a challenge to decipher the pattern, but I've opted to knit the garment as a single piece rather than 3 panels, and I've adjusted the pattern up to an adult size, from a teen size. I will be sure to share any notes on the Ravelry project page.

Currently reading a comic book called Rat Queens. I've literally just started this booking, having just come to the end of a Joe Abercrombie novel called Before They Are Hanged. I bought these comic volumes on the recommendation of a dear friend, and I need a break following the Abercrombie tale before I delve into the final of the bloody, gritty, fantasy trilogy. I'll tell you more about how Rat Queens goes over on Goodreads!

Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along.


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