Saturday, 22 August 2015

a day in Blackpool

"And now for something completely different."
In the words of those chaps from Monty Python, I've been trying really hard to practice my photography skills, not only to better share my makes on the blog, but also from a personal point of view, so I can stop being jealous of other peoples' pictures and start being more proud of my own! To this end, I treated Ben and myself to a day long holiday in Blackpool on Thursday, being only just under 2 hours away by train and I needing a desperate break from regular day to day life. Very luckily for us the weather was gorgeous, though we had dressed for a cool, windy day, and we mistimed our desire for a walk along the beach, so the tide was in most of the time, but this didn't stop us from enjoying ice cream in the wind, fish and chips on the North Pier, and some greasy doughnuts sat on the steps watching the sea and seagulls. 
Of course we took many more pictures than you will see here, but these are the ones I liked the best. I think if I want to get better at taking pictures and identifying the great shots I need to just snap-snap-snap some more! Though on this particular day the real aim was to have a miniature holiday, perhaps next time the real aim will be to get those lovely pictures. Although no knitting was done this day, we did play Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on the train in and out, enjoyed a nice pint at the local Wetherspoons, and bought some abysmally flavoured rock simply because we couldn't not! Think 'traditional pasty', 'chicken tikka', 'cheese & tomato pizza', and 'fish & chips' flavours - we haven't been brave enough to actually taste them however!

I hope you like these pictures, I'm eager to go back to Blackpool already and to try and get some more pictures that invoke that traditional British holiday feels - I'm thinking the arcades, promenades and doughnuts!

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