Monday, 31 August 2015

august crafting - update

Crochet a new Marvel character (or two), along with a pattern
Phew, I took it right up to the last minute but I managed to finish my new Deadpool crochet character, as planned earlier this month! He hasn't photographed as well as I would like, but 7.30 on a dreary Sunday evening doesn't equate to great light, and similarly earlier this week I broke the camera lens (many many tears). I've ordered a new one though which I should have by Thursday, so I can take much better pictures when I type up the free crochet pattern that I will share with you guys hopefully next month! I hope you will like that! :)
I really like how Deadpool has turned out - I'm not sure about the detail stitching on his head, and he might need another accessory or two to adorn his suit. I ought to test the pattern again so I can nail his features more. Perhaps you will disagree when I share some (much) better pictures of him once I have a great camera again! Look out for new pictures I hope next weekend all being well!

Either way I am really super pleased with how Deadpool looks - he is quite different to Spiderman, but I like it! What do you think? More pictures and details to follow! And watch out tomorrow for September's crafty plans


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