Wednesday, 12 August 2015

yarn along

Currently knitting I've finished the knitted vest I told you about last week, and I hope to finish the pictures and blog post for sharing this coming Friday! I've mixed feelings about it, can't wait to read some more opinions on it! 
It must look like I'm obsessed with the 'mocha' colour when it comes to yarn - I swear I'm not, though I won't deny it is a nice colour to look at. As soon as I finished the vest I realised I had plenty of yarn to cast on another project, so the knitting at the bottom of the picture is the beginnings of a draper cardigan. I was inspired to cast this on after reading this post from Wonder & Wool. 
The second knitting project you see (actually using a different brand of acrylic yarn, but in a suspiciously similar colour) is secret! Me and Ben have had an exciting idea which we hope will come to fruition in September, and this is a project that will be working towards that - more on this much later though!

Currently reading This morning I started reading Shadow of a Dark Queen by Raymond E. Feist. Ben's dad got me onto Feist a few month's ago when I wanted another adult fantasy series to read - I really enjoyed the The Rift War Saga and was looking forward to reading more of his books as I found them in charity shops. They are pretty epic and complicated, but I felt the last 4 I read were certainly worth it! Hopeful for this next saga. 

If you are on Goodreads I would love to be friend's with you - are you taking part in a Reading Challenge this year?

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