Wednesday, 19 August 2015

yarn along

how refreshing to be working in some different colours again!
Currently knitting a birthday present for Ben! Hush hush, it's a secret from him - but I know he doesn't read my blog unless I particularly ask him to, so I don't mind sharing a sneaky picture. In case he does for some reason choose today to change his non-blog reading ways, those interested in knowing more about the project and where they can find the pattern would be better checking out my Ravelry project page. Not only am I getting lots of knitting done (did you see I finally finished the textured vest?) but I've finally started to properly work on my Deadpool crochet. I often set myself the monthly challenge and then get easily distracted by (several) other projects, and this month has been no exception! I've been thinking about this one a lot though, so even though I am still right at the beginning of the design process I feel that he should *should, SHOULD* be a great little character. 

Currently reading I'm still reading Shadow of a Dark Queen - at just over 200 pages in its certainly picked up, and is making such a great change to the Joe Abercrombie books I tried to read a few weeks ago. Once I've finished I may break up the series with some lighter reads though. As great as this book is, I'm still not quite used to the epic fantasy series, and I find following the same characters over such a length of time both wonderful and a little tiresome. So a short single book before the next instalment should keep me interested, without causing me to forget the flow of the story, wouldn't you agree?

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