Wednesday, 26 August 2015

yarn along

Currently knitting oh so many things! As you can see, my knitting bag is spilling with projects (the bag, by the way, was a bargain in the Hobbycraft sale section - only £5!). I'm slowly making some progress with the secret birthday gift for Ben (though not so secret if you check that link), and a little more progress is being made on the draper cardigan - I've completed the back panel and have started the front panels, knitting both together to ensure correct length is achieved. I've also almost finished the second in a style of hat I'm trying out for a future project to be announced next month - think Pokemon and Etsy, be sure to watch this space. And of course I'm still working on Deadpool - he has a head now (as you may have seen on Instagram) and half of a body - I'm finding it a little tricky to make time to work on him though, as I'm enjoying (binge) watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and also Marvel's Agent Carter (my life is pretty Marvel right now - love it), so knitting my easy patterns is preferable to trying to write a crochet pattern - but I think I will still make my deadline

Currently reading Shadow of a Dark Queen still. Feist's books are always a little slower going for me than others, but certainly worth the work. I have my eye on reading a book from my past after this one though - hopefully I can tell you all about it next week; it's an excellent one! 

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