Sunday, 20 September 2015

fo: deadpool amigurumi

Project name - Deadpool (free pattern available now!)
Yarn - Cygnet Double Knitting (red)
Ravelry Project Page - here

Here he is finally! Deadpool was a character I decided I wanted to crochet last month (if you haven't a clue who he is, he is another Marvel character who will be getting a film next year, see the trailer here, but be warned its NSFW/18) but I couldn't show you any decent pictures because I broke my camera lens (derp!). I have another one now though so I can show him off to you finally!

check those cheeky eyes
Deadpool was crocheted using double knitting acrylic yarn and a 3.5mm hook, as Stephanie always recommends using a smaller hook to make everything a lot tighter, which after giving it a go a few times I heartily agree with. You can buy Cygnet DK yarn from St Ann's Hospice charity shops if you are in the UK .

I originally planned on making Deadpool in the style of my Spiderman, but I thought this wouldn't give Deadpool the detail and character that he deserves (and let's face it, Deadpool fans know this guy is a character!). I still think he could do with a tiny gun strapped to his leg perhaps, but two katanas are probably weapons enough on a 'toy' right?

I opted to make him a little chibi, with a large head much like my amigurumi moogle, because I definitely prefer my crochet creations with oversized heads, I think it makes them look cuter, and hides the fact I am useless with body proportions. 

The eyes, and belt buckle, are done with felt and embroidery thread, and I stitched the mask detail on with black DK yarn (same used for the swords, shoulders and belt). I think if/when I make him again I will forget the stitched mask detail though, it doesn't add much and it took a few attempts to make it look neat, so not worth the trouble really.

standard, alluring deadpool pose
Deadpool will be made available as a free pattern on this blog, which I intend to write up for you guys in first few days of October. I've given planning blog posts a go, and turns out I have a lot I want to get in so that's when I feel I can get it ready for you! Also on Tuesday the spice of life crochet along starts, and I am eager to get to working on that. I've also cast on a Christmas present too which I am working away at - planning! Let's hope I can keep this up eh?

I hope you like Deadpool! He is certainly a cheeky chappy, and already is making his mark on my geeky window sill. I don't think Zoe and Captain Mal are too happy to have him standing on their heads...

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