Wednesday, 30 September 2015

our etsy shop is now open! (september crafting - update)

Open a new Etsy shop with Ben
The crafty challenge for September was to open a new Etsy shop with Ben, and I'm delighted to introduce you geeks games & knits!
All profits we make will go towards our wedding and house, and we are also VERY happy to talk about commissions if you want something a little geeky and special - hit me up!
I hope you'll agree, the name pretty much says it all - just a couple of geeks, we love video games and nerdy stuff, and that's what you will find in our shop alongside some knits. We came up with the name together and I think it covers it all. Right now we have 9 things up for sale in the shop - a few things you will recognise from this blog (spot the minion phone cover anyone?) and there are also a couple of new additions. I hope to, in particular, blog about the eevee inspired hat that we have up for sale in there, so I can tell you some more about it and show off how gorgeous Katy looks in the pictures. 

I've had an Etsy shop open in the past, but this used my old blog name pretty column and really didn't reflect the newly named blog. I've closed that one now and started fresh, putting a heck of a lot more effort into this one already and I think (hope) it will pay off!

You can read more about the shop origins and what we will be up to on the About Page.
You can also find the shop very easily by clicking on the big friendly button in the side bar. 
If you know anyone who might be interested in what we have to sell, do point them in our direction, and keep an eye on the shop in the coming months, as I have a LOT of ideas of what I would like to sell on there, and will be looking to update it regularly! 

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