Tuesday, 15 September 2015

spice of life CAL part 1

photo credit Black Sheep Wools

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Part 2 - completed!

I'm very excited to declare that I've decided to take part in the Spice of Life crochet along, hosted by Black Sheep Wools and, one of my favourite bloggers, Sandra from Cherry Heart.

I've never taken part in a crochet along (CAL), or a knit along for that matter, but I've always followed them with interest when I've spotted them here and there on various blogs and knitting supplies websites. Then last week I received my regular newsletter from Black Sheep Wools, in which they announced the Spice of Life CAL, and that they had put together two yarn packs that you could buy if you wanted to join in. Unfortunately I just bought a lot of yarn for upcoming Christmas present projects, so I assumed I couldn't do yet another CAL. However, the pattern is free, and I have SO MUCH wool to use up, and bonus I saw the blanket and knew exactly who would like it for Christmas if I was to make it! So not long later I decided hey-ho, lets join in!

I've yet to finalise my decision on what the colours will be for the blanket, but I aim to use as much of my existing stash as possible (hoping to make a healthy dent in it, alongside working on my other stash buster blanket) and I suppose if I had to buy another colour or two that wouldn't be the end of the world ...

As the person I'm making this for has no idea that they will receive it come December, I will be able to share regular updates with you as the pattern comes out week by week, and everyone gets stuck into their own blankets! The first instalment comes out next Tuesday, 22nd September, so hopefully I will get my skates on and be able to post part 2 to the CAL not long after! Blankets should (hopefully) be finished early November, if we follow the schedule, which will certainly put me in the smug zone if I can have a big Christmas present done that early!

If you are taking part, why not leave a comment so I can find you/your blog and follow your progress! And if you aren't taking part but want to, click the CAL button on the sidebar (to the right) to take you to Part 1 over on Black Sheep Wool's website, or read about it on Sandra's wonderful blog here.

I'm already chatting happily away to people on the Facebook group about the blanket, and can't wait to share progress as I go along here too :) Have you ever done a CAL or KAL?

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