Sunday, 27 September 2015

spice of life CAL part 2

Well here we are, part 2 to the #spiceoflifecal was released on Tuesday (just gone) and I finished the section of the blanket on Friday. If you think that's something, it's not, people were finishing their sections on the same day the pattern release, and there are more than a couple of lovely ladies crocheting up to 3 blankets at a time according to this CAL!
I finally decided on my colours for the blanket, exclusively using my stash, and here you can see the finished section of the blanket. For the sake of not worrying any more than I need to, I opted to assign each chosen colour to it's (closest) counter part according to Sandra's original Rico yarn colour choices; for example, the pattern's 'RED' became my stash 'pale red', and 'MELON' had to become 'the yellow I used for the minion phone cover'.

When I finished the section, my first thought was 'damn, these colours don't look that great together', and I was disappointed as this will be a present. However, the lovely members of the extremely supportive and chatty Facebook group assured me that every blanket is different, and my friend will love the blanket because I made it (though of course I still want it to look the best it can look for her).

Looking at it again now that it's been a few days, I think ultimately the colours should work together, and will look better once there are more rows added to the blanket, which will help bring it all together and balance it out. Also, finishing this section, it looks at this stage like a pretty awesome potential sampler scarf! There's an idea I think I will utilise when I finally open mine and Ben's Esty shop (look out this week for this occurrence!) - I will of course come up with my own little sampler scarf.

All in all, I think I am happy with the blanket thus far, and I am eager to grow it already - roll on part 3 on Tuesday! 
If you are taking part in the #spiceoflifecal, why not leave a message so we can share our progress together! I would also love for you to leave any links to any of your blogs if you are blogging about the CAL too! 
Finally, huge thanks once again to Black Sheep Wools and Sandra for this CAL, and also again to Sandra for the shout out!

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