Wednesday, 16 September 2015

yarn along

Have you heard yet that Sandra at Cherry Heart is doing a blanket CAL with Black Sheep Wools? I decided that I am going to join in with this, and I chose the colours to use in my blanket last night - can't wait to share progress with that as time goes by!
Currently knitting this surprise for Ben. The deadline is Saturday and with any luck I will have it finished tonight while I watch cartoons with my sister! I can't wait to finish this so I can show it off to everyone! And, even though I'm undertaking the spice of life blanket CAL next week, I am still working away on my stash busting blanket - I just finished the 4th huge granny square, just 5 more to go! 
Currently reading Rage of Demon King by, who else but, Raymond E. Feist. I just finished Rise of a Merchant Prince this morning on the bus to work, and it was a stressful but very good and fast paced ending, and I wondered why no-one else on the bus was as sad as I was! But that's what happens when you read a great book eh? And so I eagerly move forward to the 3rd in the Serpentwar saga, though this one is borrowed from Ben's dad and is large and hardback, I have a heavy bag week ahead of me! :) 
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