Wednesday, 23 September 2015

yarn along

Currently knitting a bit of everything at the moment! I'm trying to get ahead with my larger Christmas presents this month so that, come December, I should be available to take on knitting commissions as I did (quite successfully) last year. So this week I seem to have quite the pile of projects! On Saturday I cast on a scarf for my brother - I am fairly confident he doesn't look at this blog, but I won't be able to share many pictures of it on here just in case (follow my progress instead on Ravelry - it should be a grand old thing!). The second section of the spice of life CAL came out yesterday too, so I started working on that blanket, which will become a December birthday gift for a friend (hush hush!). And I am also now on the fifth giant granny square for my stash busting blanket - gotta crochet for yourself too!

Currently reading Rage of a Demon King still - it's reached the climactic war section of the series now, which means I am struggling to put the book down, though the pile of projects I have going at once encourages me to do this! Also Pottermore had a redesign, and I have been reading a LOT of J.K. Rowling's extra writing on there (much easier to find now!) and getting lost in the wizarding world again. Lovely lovely. 

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