Wednesday, 9 September 2015

yarn along

Joyous day everyone, I have a camera lens again! I hope I can finally take some decent pictures for you again soon! But, in the meantime, back to the matter at hand... 

Currently knitting a lot of gifts I'm afraid. Well, I'm only afraid because it means I can't show you all the progress I've been making until the allotted times, due to secrecy of course! I am however working on my stash busting blanket again, which I mentioned briefly early last month - oh man scratch that, TWO MONTH'S ago, where does the time go? It is definitely not far from autumn here in the UK now (I'm already sleeping with extra blankets at night!) so I felt like making some progress on this blanket again was in order. What you see above is the 4th giant granny square in progress; I aim to complete 9 to make a nice large double bed spread - give me a month or two more... 

Currently reading Rise of a Merchant Prince. After finishing The Tao of Pooh/The Te of Piglet earlier this week, I'm ready to hit the adult fantasy again and what better but the next in Raymond Feist's Serpentwar Saga? I'm only 60ish pages in, but it picks up a month or so after Shadow of a Dark Queen and I am hooked already. This is following the best friend of the last book's main protagonist and so will offer a new perspective, but is also a little annoying as I really fell for Eric in the last book. Will see what this book holds in store!

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