Friday, 9 October 2015

fo: eevee hat

Pattern - Jason's Tweed Hat (modified)  
Yarn - Woolcraft Double Knit (shade brown)
Ravelry project page - here
This was a project I really wanted to make as soon as I finished crocheting my baby Eevee way back in June. I had bought extra yarn (just in case, of course) and had an awful lot left over. I just assumed an Eevee hat would look amazing!
Then, two months ago, when Ben and I decided to open our Etsy shop, it was the perfect motivation to finally get my act together and have a go! 
Originally I wanted to come up with a completely new, original pattern for the hat, one I could share on the blog with you guys. It was about the same time though that I was trying to get Deadpool designed and sorted, and, honestly, I couldn't be bothered designing a hat. Instead then I took a pattern I knew to be good already (Jason's Tweed Hat - which I knitted for Ben's dad last Christmas) and modified it. 
I used double knit wool, held double, and 6mm/7mm circular needles to get the correct tension. I changed the 5x5 rib for the more usual 1x1 (I want to say by choice, but really I just misread the pattern) and worked the body of the hat in the same coloured yarn as I used to crochet Eevee. 
The ears were really easy to do as well. I knit them in the round (to minimise sewing seams and revealing wrong sides of knitting) with just a simple shape. I drew the shape out (to the correct size) that I wanted for the ears, and just knit, increasing and decreasing, as I went while also making notes so the second year would be exactly the same. The black detail on the years was knit using the same notes, but with 4mm needles instead of 6mm, knitted flat, and using black double knit yarn (held single).
The ears are unsurprisingly quite heavy so they droop down but, because I used reasonably large needles for the hat, the fit is quite relaxed and they help to give shape to the 'slouchy fit' beanie. So from the front you get a plain brown hat, but from the side/back you get a Pokemon fan's dream (ok, that's a little dramatic, but you get me?).
I'm personally delighted with how the hat turned out, and I'm thinking of trying perhaps a variation on the basic design, perhaps for some of Eevee's evolutions (Vaporeon would be a good one!). For now however I have two one none left in the shop - all sold out already! I best make some more :)
I had two up for sale, but my first order came through last Sunday, and the second not long after, and they happened to be for this hat - dead chuffed! 
Thank you to my ever patient and beautiful sister, Katy, for modelling the hat for me! I think she looks pretty darn cool in the hat, though I am of course biased!

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