Sunday, 25 October 2015

fo: jedi totoro

Pattern - Sith Totoro
Yarn - Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (in grey) and Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed (in brown)
Ravelry project page - here

Without a shadow of a doubt, this Totoro has to be on of the best thing I've made so far! I came across the pattern a few month's ago on Ravelry and just HAD to make him! More people need to get on this fantastic Star Wars/Ghibli crossover! 

AND all the more exciting what with the release of the new epic trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens I CAN'T WAIT!

Although the pattern is for a Sith Totoro, I have opted to make mine a Jedi Totoro - mainly because I didn't have any dark enough brown yarn for the hooded cloak. Instead I decided to use some left over yarn from my aran garter stitch cardigan. This still works just as well I think and instead I get a Jedi out of the equation! Strictly speaking, I should have also deviated from the lightsaber colour too in true Jedi fashion and perhaps gone for a blue, but the red looks pretty great to me- I just hope no Star Wars die-hards bite my head off! 

The pattern is absolutely brilliant. I particularly love how the body for Totoro is worked in one piece; after crocheting his two legs/feet separately, you join them and continue all the way up to the top of the head, making for a squishy, adorable little character. The tail is sized and positioned too so that he can even stand up on his own. I love making amigurumi that can stand up on their own, and it's a pet peeve of mine if they can't even sit on their own *looks sheepish as Deadpool struggles to stand on his own two feet*

If I was to change any one aspect of this pattern, I think I would have a go at re-working the hood design. When not worn up, it falls perfectly as all Jedi's hoods should, but when you pull it over his head it certainly has a distinctive cone shape to it. Perhaps a little on the wizarding/witching side for me. But, having said this, the whole robe is an ingenious design and my anti-cone-ness is but a tiny niggling factor!!


I love him very much, and I have a feeling that he will be the last selfish make for myself between now and Christmas so I guess that makes him all that extra special  (though these may be famous last words, I hope to squeeze in a knitted Santa for myself too, but need to crack on with orders and presents!). 

I hope any Ghibli/Star War fans will consider having a go at this under appreciated amigurumi pattern too :) 

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