Sunday, 18 October 2015

fo: princess mononoke amigurumi

Pattern - Amigurumi princess Mononoke
Yarn - various double knit from stash
Ravelry project page - here
It was my older brother's birthday last week, and I really fancied making him something as it had been a very long time since I made him anything. And, not that what I make is necessarily comparable to official collectors merchandise, he does collect 'collector's figurines' (think Pop! figures, but bigger and cooler - in a more 'real') and so I thought/hoped he would like something from a film he loves. 
I sneakily asked his girlfriend to find out what his favourite Studio Ghibli film is (because, crocheting Studio Ghibli/Totoro is one of my favourite past times!) and she determined it was Princess Mononoke - this made me very happy as it's one of my favourites too - and so I hit Pinterest
The amigurumi doll from The Sun and the Turtle was easily the best that I could find. I had all the colours I needed in my stash and so I whipped her up. 
The hair tutorial on the pattern was a very useful and simple one to follow, and I find that with a lot of patterns like this hair tutorials aren't always included so this was a helpful addition. The mask has to be my favourite aspect of the whole doll; it is the most defining feature of Princess Mononoke, and the combination of felt with crochet details make it bold, clear, but also at the same time quite intricate. It is clear that thought and detail went into the pattern and finished doll! Bonus feature - the mask isn't sewn to the doll, so as you can see in the above pictures you can have Princess Mononoke wearing the mask on her head or her face. 
My doll came out a little chubbier than the one in the original pattern, but it all looks balanced in the end. If you are a Princess Mononoke fan and are considering making her, I would totally suggest using this pattern, but be ready for fiddly details! Her necklace and earrings are cut from tiny pieces of felt and is very difficult. But it is definitely the detail on the pattern that make this doll as awesome as it is! 
If I had more time in the future I would absolutely make a small wolf to accompany her!

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