Saturday, 31 October 2015

october crafting - update

Gosh what a busy month it's been, all the busier because I aimed to achieve a lot this month, and I am very very pleased with myself, as I've managed to tick everything off the list!
Finish the #spiceoflifecal blanket by 1st November

Every week I've been posting the progress on my #spiceoflifecal, and I've been flying through and keeping right on track! I've finished all the rows and blocked the blanket, and I'm in for an evening of border crochet tonight, meaning I will meet my 1st November deadline tomorrow. I'm planning to do a final update post on Wednesday to show off the finished blanket, before I wrap it up for Christmas so as not to be tempted to keep it for myself.
Organise the geeky knitter Christmas craft swap

Sign up for the Christmas Craft Swap successfully opened on 16th October, and it STILL OPEN until 6th November. All the information you'll need, if you are interested, can be found by clicking on the link above, and by asking me any questions you like. Organising this has been a lot of fun (and there is still some yet to do!) and I'm very happy to say I have a healthy list of swappers already! 
There is still a week to go to get involved and I would love you to join in and spread the word!

Finish at least one WIP

With so much Christmas crafting and order crafting going on now, I thought it would be important to at least finish one more thing for myself, partly for selfish reasons (I love making things for myself), and partly to remind myself I am capable of finishing projects. I've started so many recently that will take month's it's all a little daunting. And so with great delight I finished my Jedi Totoro - he will be perfect to take to the midnight showing of The Force Awakens come December! 
Ravenclaw inspired infinity scarf
Add at least 2 new products to the new Etsy shop

Mine and Ben's Etsy shop is chugging along happily, and quietly, as I imagine most new shops do. We've made 3 sales so far which I'm very pleased with, and I did in fact manage to add 3 new products to the shop! I've added a hand knit Slytherin Inspired Snood, a hand knit Ravenclaw Inspired Snood (pictured above), and Ben's also done another lot of Pokemon paintings that we are selling as a complete set. I'm really enjoying keeping the Etsy shop at the moment, I think putting the extra effort into branding this and making items to sell ahead of time has made a world of difference and will encourage me to carry.
I keep Instagram up to date with all new items on the shop, so be sure to follow me there!

What a successful month I've managed to have, if I may say so myself :) I've decided not to set any crafty plans for November or December, because I will have plenty to get on which I will keep you updated on as I go anyway! I hope to hear from more of you wonderful readers soon before Friday if you are interested in the craft swap, and I can't wait to show off the blanket next week either!

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