Wednesday, 7 October 2015

spice of life CAL part 3 (yarn along)

I've decided to be rather cheeky this month, and every Wednesday I will combine my usual yarn along post, with the progress I am making on the #spiceoflifeCAL. This way I should be able to meet my end of the month deadline, and get to show off the progress to you lovely readers!You will also find what I'm currently reading towards the end of this post.

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I've completed part 3 of the CAL now (which actually means I've finished pattern 2 - confusing no?) and managed to do so before part 4 was released yesterday! I haven't made a start just yet on part 4 as I need to get my butt in gear and finish a small present for my brother's birthday (it's on Monday and I need to post it up to Durham!).

The pattern is becoming a little more exciting and complex now, and I love it - the colours I've chosen have grown and grown on me no end, as they are starting to come together with the increasing rows and varied stitches. Actually, so far, we've only used double crochets (US single crochet) and treble crochets (US double crochet) but we have such variation of colour and stitch-combinations, I find it such a marvel!

Unfortunately with more complex instructions comes more frequent errors. In fairness, as I've changed the colour scheme of the pattern to suit my stash yarn, it doesn't really matter, but the shells are supposed to be in 3 block colours, and not the brown-yellow-red-yellow-brown sequence I've ended up doing. Oh well, no one needs to know that's not quite right! The tension of the blanket has also gone a little funny on the shell rows, but lots of other people have had a similar problem, and they have either changed the hook size up (no thanks, I don't want to frog anything!) or blocked the blanket to the right size. I have a lot of hope in the blocking of the blanket when I come to finish. 

I am very happy with the progress I've made on the blanket, and I am quite eager to catch up with everyone who is flying ahead with part 4 this week! I should have some more colourful rows to show you come next Wednesday!

If you are taking part in the CAL, do leave a comment and say hello!

If you are interested in taking part, be sure to check out Sandra's Cherry Heart blog, or visit the Black Sheep Wools website. 

Currently reading Shards of a Broken Crown, the final in the Raymond Feist Serpentwar Saga that I have been reading over the past few weeks. This book doesn't have the same momentum as the 3 books prior in the series, nor does it feel like the finale of the book will be overly impressive. I love reading Feist's books, but the more I read the more flaws and criticisms I have. For example, he tries to maintain too many story lines, so that each one is given half the time it deserves, considering how rich in plot they could be. He also can only seem to appreciate female characters, and give them their own lines and lives, as long as they are beautiful in some physical way, and they have to have their figures described no matter what, when the men don't need such scrutiny. Finally he introduces significant characters and aspects seemingly out of the blue, and abandons them when he doesn't need them any more. 

Nevertheless, I am enjoying the book and would recommend the series! But I'm ready for something other than Feist now :) Does anyone else feel the same way about him?

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