Thursday, 22 October 2015

spice of life CAL part 5 (yarn along)

So, perhaps it's Thursday today, and not Wednesday, the usual Yarn Along day - but I'm sure you will forgive me, it's starting to get busy here on the geeky knitter and orders are coming in for hats and scarves (woohoo!). I've also been updating the stock on the Etsy shop so be sure to check that out!

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The #spiceoflifecal blanket is all very exciting and coming along wonderfully - I would even say I am tentatively on track to finish this in time! I'm going to keep this week's post short and sweet though, because with the size of the blanket now I have NO idea how to photograph it properly (any suggestions?!) - plus I'm running out of daylight in the morning and evenings (curse you winter! but not really because I love you) and I don't plan ahead to have the sections finished for weekend photography - I will get better...promise...

Last week's pattern release was the final pattern instalment before the edging (ohmanIcan'tbelieveI'vemadeitsofar) and it was a BIG one! Some ladies worked out that we had over 60 rows of blanket to work in all, and needless to say I haven't managed that. However the ever patient and cool-headed Sandra (Cherry Heart) reminded us that we actually, technically, have 2 weeks for the final section, because the CAL doesn't finish until the end of this month. So even though the border pattern was released yesterday on Tuesday, I don't need to get to that stage until next week

Honestly though, saying 'need to' is arbitrary because this isn't a competition (nevertheless, I do like to stick to deadlines!).

This week's pattern was simply repeating sections of the blanket we had already learned, alternating the colours somewhat. As ever I am LOVING IT (though possibly because I haven't reached the puff stitches yet...I'm not a fan) and I certainly felt like I covered 30 rows at top speed this week because I was familiar with the stitches. I even got to do another row of gorgeous tulips mmmmm. And the stacked shells went a lot more smoothly by going up a hook size.

Currently reading Dr. Bloodmoney: Or How We Got Along After the Bomb is an old sci-fi book of dads that I swiped from one of the bookshelves so very long ago. After the childish Bedknob and Broomstick that I finished last week I was finally ready to give some serious sci-fi a go, as I usually tend towards historical/fantasy. So far I am both enjoying this and confused by it - Philip Dick jumps around characters and timelines a lot, so I get confused. But I can tell that it's for the best because, so far, I'm finding it all interesting. For example, I feel I can get my teeth stuck into the theory of the value of knowledge and glass after a nuclear bomb - people are willing to kill for knowledge, and how morals are much more blurred. All of these interesting thought processes are subtly intertwined by Dick, meaning you are thinking about them without feeling lectured. 

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