Wednesday, 28 October 2015

spice of life CAL part 6 (yarn along)

Phewee - almost there! I managed to get some much better pictures than last week, owing mainly to having a day off work and luck with the weather. I've been working hard on the blanket all week and I will certainly have it done for Saturday, I'm so excited to tick this off the list!

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Katy is a very accommodating sister, as I've been making her model pretty much everything for me on the blog recently, and also over on the Etsy shop. But she is just so lovely and beautiful I may as well take advantage eh?

As I mentioned last week, I am still working my way through the final pattern of the blanket (a whopping 60 rows!) before working on the border. When we took these pictures yesterday I had finished up to the puff stitches (CURSE THEM) and had only one pattern repeat to go. Last night I worked hard while watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and managed to get the granny's finished too! I am now only a blissful 4 rows short of finishing the main blanket and then I can block, and get that border worked up!

I seem to have one significant problem, however, with the blanket. Namely the top is a good 1-2 inches wider than the bottom. That is incredibly annoying. The simplest explanation may be that I've added extra stitches somewhere along the way by mistake - which isn't too hard considering the number of different patterns/stitches we are working with - and I definitely do not have the patience to count all 180+ stitches every few rows to check I am on track!

It also however looks like I might have a tension problem (again) with the stacked shells. I went up a hook size as a lot of ladies recommended on the Facebook group, but perhaps I ought to have gone up two to prevent the tightness of that section.

Me and Katy did lay the blanket out last night and tugged it here and there, which fills me with hope that a good thorough blocking will sort it all out - either way, there is no way I am unravelling ANY of this baby! If there has to be one end larger than the other, I will grit my teeth and live with it...wish me luck!

I'm seriously running out of all the yarn now (which is good and bad) so I'm going to introduce a new colour for the border (just to make sure I have enough!). I'm going for a pale, but not bright blue - the same, in fact, used for the Diplodocus scarf - hopefully it will go with everything and tidy it all up nicely!

Once again, thank you to Black Sheep Wools and Sandra - Cherry Heart - for putting this together and hosting such a wonderful crochet along! I will have this finished at the weekend, but will wait until next week to devote a much deserved blog post to the finished product :)

Currently reading I am still making my way through Dr. Bloodmoney. The problem with this time of year is I am starting to devote all my spare time to knitting and crocheting to make sure I get everything finished I need to for Christmas and orders. I think I won't manage my Reading Challenge, but this was the first year I gave it a go and haven't done too badly really!

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