Friday, 16 October 2015

the geeky knitter christmas craft swap - sign up!

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Well, I've been threatening to do this for a long time now, and here it finally is - the geeky knitter Christmas Craft Swap!

I've never hosted a craft swap before, though I have taken part in several of Hannah's. Its been a little while since I did one, and as I go mad when it comes to Christmas, it only seems right that I should get on a craft swap, and just have a bash at organising it myself!

Timeline for the geeky knitter Christmas Craft Swap





Here are my proposed guidelines for the swap;

       Each package must include
  • at least one handmade item (this can be Christmas related, or based on your partner's interests)
  • a Christmas card (handmade or bought; if handmade this does not count as the package's handmade item)
  • at least one Christmas decoration (handmade or bought; if handmade this does not count at the package's handmade item)
  • TREATS! (chocolates, sweets, tea, candles, stationary etc.  think stocking fillers and shops like Home Bargains!)
  • I propose a minimum spend of £8 on this swap, and a maximum spend of £15 (not including postage)

       Other things to note
  • Christmas wrapping is encouraged!
  • The swap is UK based
  • Any crafters are welcome! Although I love knitting and crochet, every crafty person interested should get in touch! Just so long as you are willing to put some thought, time, and effort into the swap.
  • I'm going to pair people up, so the person you send to will also send back to you (if we have an odd number I will make a single group of 3)

I've made the decision that this swap will be U.K based only. I would like to open this up internationally, but as this is my first swap I've decided to keep as many aspects as possible straightforward, and it's only fair that I should impose one posting deadline, and not several depending on where you are in the world - abject apologies to all international readers!

I've decided to partner people together so that you have the option to say hello and get to know your swap-partner if you like! That way if you have a question you need not be scared to ask, however you will be provided with the person's likes etc. which I am coming to next.


If you would like to take part in the swap, be sure to email me no later than the 6 November 
( with the subject line 'The Geeky Knitter Christmas Craft Swap', and include all the information below (the more information you provide the better - I've provided some example just in case). 

Age (optional)
Social media/blog links
Favourite 'treats' (personally, I love Dairy Milk!)
Likes & Loves (this can be anything - for me, I would say Pokemon and Harry Potter)
Any dislikes? (I don't like jewellery or sweets)
What is your favourite book/film/TV series?

If you are going to knit/crochet and want to join the Ravelry group, please head on over!

And if you are going to share this on your blog, please grab a button (either the large one at the top or the small one at the bottom) and I would be most obliged if you would link back to my blog here :) then, leave me a comment below and I will share links for all participants on this, and later, posts!
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