Monday, 16 November 2015

fo: jake the dog

Pattern - PatrĂ³n Jake
Yarn - Hayfield Bonus DK (shade 978 Sunflower)
Ravelry project page - here

If you keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter, you will have seen that I've posted a few things about being busy with orders leading up to Christmas. Jake the Dog is one such order, and I wouldn't always share things that I sell, but he look's so cool I couldn't resist this time!

He is an order for a friend of Katy, who will be in turn gifting him to an older sibling - I love when people order handmade gifts, it's a whole new layer of appreciation for the things we make. Jake is a magical dog, a character from the show Adventure Time, and you would be hard pressed to find another cartoon as wacky, sporadic, and awesome as this one. I happen to enjoy watching the seasons that are on Netflix right now, so he was a pleasant doll to crochet. 

He worked up very quickly, with the bulk of the crochet done while Ben watched football one Sunday afternoon. The pattern I used is actually in Spanish, however Google Translate did a good enough job that I could work out the pattern from there! Be sure to read my Ravelry notes if you plan to have a go using the pattern. 

I inserted pipe cleaners into the arms and legs (once Katy assured me it was a present for an adult) so that he can be put into different positions, and also because they are so long and thin I thought they would look a little sorry if they just drooped all the time. I also crocheted the eyes, rather than cutting them out from felt as the pattern suggested, as I thought he would look better wit the same texture across every feature. 

I do hope his new owner will be pleased with him! I'm pretty tempted to make another one, and a matching Jake the Human, for myself after Christmas - let's see what else catches my eye before then though!

Don't forget, me and Ben have a geeky little Etsy shop now (click the link or the box to the right) where you can find many lovely handmade gifts, created by us! You can also request a custom order via the shop if there is something you'd like made special, and examples can be seen of what I can make here on the blog, and on Instagram

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