Wednesday, 4 November 2015

fo: spice of life CAL (part 7)

Pattern - Spice of Life Blanket , part of the #spiceoflifecal
Yarn - various stash in double knit weight
Ravelry Project Page - here

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Can you believe that the blanket is finished!? I can't quite get over it - I finished crocheting this in just under 6 weeks, after tentatively deciding to start it mid-September, and declaring in last month's crafty plans that I would have it finished before November - and by gum I managed it. 

This was my first CAL (crochet along) and it was definitely a fantastic one to start off on, considering I had no idea really what to expect. Sandra is a fabulous designer and blogger anyway, so to take part in a CAL with her was always going to be splendid, and I've long admired Black Sheep Wools and really enjoy receiving their weekly email newsletters. The pattern was released on time every week, clearly written with pictures to help, as well as a weekly blog post from Sandra with hints and tips on how to manage any new stitches. 

And I've mentioned the Facebook group before, but I must say again this was the most lovely part about the CAL - over 6,000 ladies (and, as far as we can tell, one gentleman - any more?) encouraging each other and sharing different blankets. It's amazing how every individual interprets the pattern in her own way. For me, I obviously changed colours to suit what I have in my stash, and I made a simple half-triple and triple crochet (UK terms) border instead of the wavy one Sandra suggests. 
the tulips are my favourite part of the blanket!
I've only ever finished one crochet blanket before (though I do have my stash buster blanket in the works, which will have to wait until after Christmas to be worked on, boohoo) so to finish this so quickly feels pretty awesome. My only complaint is my own inability to keep my tension regular - which I mentioned last week - and even with copious steaming and wetting, it's all a little skew-wiff still. 

Oh well - I'm sure (hope) the giftee won't mind!

As you can see I've been practising picture taking - the weather was too wet for outside pictures on Sunday when I finished the blanket, so you'll have to settle for 'artful crumpling' and 'tasteful folding' instead to show off the blanket. Rest assured though, this is a big, cuddly, warm blanket!

I'm so delighted with how this turned out and I can't wait to gift this next month!

And of course because it's Wednesday - 

Currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. You must know The Hunger Games, right? They've even announced a theme park for it! I've read these 3 times already, but I do really enjoy them and I'm prepping myself to see Mockingjay Part 2 later this month (ticket's all booked already!). 

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