Wednesday, 2 December 2015

fo: knitted christmas decorations

Patterns -'Running Reindeer' Christmas Ball by Arne & Carlos
                   Mini Christmas Stocking by Julie Williams
                   Christmas Pud by Sue Stratford

This was a set ordered by my brother's girlfriend, as a Christmas gift for a friend of hers. These are actually the first lot of Christmas decorations I have had a chance to knit this year, and it is all very dangerous now because I want to keep knitting them to go with all my gifts for friends/family, and to cover my tree (ashamedly this isn't up yet because we are expecting new curtains - as soon as they are up though BOOM Christmas in the house!). I will just have to stick with what time I have!

These were such fun to work up, all on 3.25mm needles, with various DK weight yarn, and the size of the projects meant I only needed to dive into my stash to get what I needed. I am a tight knitter and, even though I think all the patterns call for 3/3.25mm needles and 4-Ply yarn, I don't ever have this to hand so the DK worked almost to scale. Who does tension squares for this sort of thing anyway?

I was very excited when she got in touch with me, particularly about the Arne & Carlos ball, as I treated myself to 55 Christmas Balls to Knit last month and hadn't quite got round to having a go at any yet. Since knitting this set, I've done the Reindeer 3 times - quite ready to try one of the other 54 to choose from! I can't handle double pointed needles at the moment though, particularly as I do a lot of knitting while waiting for the bus to and from work. Luckily I managed to knit the Arne & Carlos on circular needles, using the magic loop method. Surprisingly, the Christmas pud is knitted flat and sewn up - doesn't look it, right?!

I love hand knitted decorations so much, and I am really glad someone else did enough to ask me to make them! They are satisfying to make, and a joy to look at, particularly the more intricately patterned ones. They all look quite good together as a set as well, so hopefully the recipient will enjoy them on their tree this year.

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